Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

An increasing number of men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) due to various physiological and psychological reasons. ED is the described as the inability to achieve and maintain erection during intercourse. While serious psychological issues, like damage to the sexual organs, can only be treated surgically, most of the times men with ED can achieve erections with what we call vacuum therapy. 

Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

This involves a vacuum erection pump (also known as a Penis pump). This cylindrical device is placed on the penis. It creates air pressure, which improves blood flow in the sexual organ. Once the desired erection is achieved, a ring or band is placed on the base of the penis to maintain it. 

The benefit of using a vacuum erection pump is that this treatment is minimally invasive. Moreover, it doesn’t affect your blood stream like medications. This means that there are no side-effects of this device. Of course, marks of the ring/band will be left on the sexual organ, but they don’t pose a threat and disappear naturally. 

Osbon Erecaid is a popular brand in this regard. The benefits of using Osbon Erecaid, by Timm Medical, is that these pumps are approved by the FDA, unlike various sexual enhancers. Moreover, you insurance may cover Timm Medical penis pumps as well, which means that you have long-term cost benefits. 

Osbon Erecaid Penis Pumps

All in all, vacuum pumps are great products for men with ED. They are easy to use and pose significant threat to your sexual performance or your health in general. 

Note that you have to use the pump every time you need to achieve an erection. When it comes to Osbon Erecaid vacuum erection pumps, they provide the best quality devices that are durable as well. With these pumps, you have a long-term solution for ED at your disposal. 

Sports Tape Comparison

Injuries can occur anywhere and anytime regardless of how careful a person is whilst moving around. This is especially true for individuals involved in sports. An unexpected injury can slow you down and force you to miss out on important events. Fortunately, a sports tape can allow you to prevent and treat numerous common injuries like shin splints, tennis elbow, knee pain, etc. This physical therapy tape is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, differing in accordance to the needs of the user.

Following are the few types of sports tapes that can be used for treating/preventing various injuries.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio TapeKinesio tape is used as a facilitator for muscles, providing support to the natural process of healing within the human body. This athletic tape allows muscle support while maintaining natural movement and normal circulation, something that conventional sport taping does not provide.

Apart from generic muscle support, the Kinesio Tape is also used for treating lymphedema, back strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, chronic swelling, herniated discs, back pain, knee conditions, groin or hamstring injuries, subluxations, shoulder conditions, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and much more. Also, the Kinesio tape can be used for treating common maladies as well, e.g. stiff muscles and headaches.

Leukotape P Sports Tape

Leukotape P Sports TapeLeukotape P Sports Tape is an adhesive tape with a rayon back that includes an adhesive with exceptionally high levels of zinc oxide. When combined with a tape’s high tensile strength, this athletic tape is perfect for shoulder taping and patellofemoral taping techniques, i.e. the correction of patellar position. This type of sports tape is also great for dealing with shoulder problems as it aids in realigning structures related to the shoulder. This can be done through the retraining and taping of muscles within the arm. The adhesive in the Leukotape P Sports Tape comprises of a natural dry rubber, allowing the tape to be used with a stretch bandage.

Physio Tape

Physio TapeThe Physio Tape provides stability and support to the muscles and joints without affecting the range of motion and circulation. Compared to conventional sports taping, physio tape allows numerous uses staring from the management of pain to treating carpal tunnel syndrome and Edema, acting as the ideal muscle facilitator. Without hampering fluid flow or muscle movement, Physio tape supports the natural functions of your muscles in order to treat an assortment of ailments similar to the Kinesio tape, providing overall support to your muscles. Also, this physical therapy tape helps control lymph flows and venous circulation and the body temperature as well (the failure of which can lead to the generation of various unpleasant symptoms).

With so many options to choose from, you can easily prevent or treat injuries using the right sports tape.

Patient Turning Mattress for Bedsore Prevention

Bedsores are becoming more and more common among patients who lack mobility. Also known as pressure ulcers, bedsores are generally an injury that’s caused through unrelieved pressure. This pressure damages the skin along with its underlying tissue by exerting pressure on the blood vessels, blocking the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Bedsores lead to longer durations in nursing homes or the hospital and slower healing thus increasing the overall cost of care along with decreasing its quality.

To help patients deal with their lack of mobility and aid bedsore prevention, a good turning mattress could provide a solution. These mattresses are specifically designed for reducing pressure on patients who are non-ambulatory.

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Turn Select Mattress

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Turn Select MattressThis bedsore prevention mattress from Span America provides lateral rotation all throughout the day, leading to easy customization. This means that caregivers can choose from roll angles ranging from 5 to 30 degrees with any combination roll patterns of right, center and left. Also, the dwell times range from 1.5 to 120 minutes within any angle or position.

The SpanAmerica PressureGuard Select Mattress helps treat pressure ulcers by gently, quietly and slowly repositioning the patient. With a weight limit of 350 lbs, this turning mattress is functional for most individuals.

Also, the SpanAmerica PressureGuard Select Mattress does not deflate when there’s a power outage. These mattresses include an alternating pressure mode which means that the level of pressure can vary in accordance to the patient’s needs. This bedsore prevention mattress provides the patient with much needed safety, stability and moisture removal. The motion system of this mattress is controlled by a microprocessor which is included directly into the surface, eliminating the need for any external air lines or a bulky pump to deal with.

SpanAmerica PressureGuard APM Mattress

SpanAmerica PressureGuard APM MattressThe SpanAmerica PressureGuard APM Mattress is unique, because it doesn’t excessively use pressure gradients among deflated and inflated cylinders. Also, the anti-shearing Geo-Matt surface allows maximum bedsore prevention, leading to comfortable healing and a balanced air system.

This mattress can easily smooth and absorb sharp drop-offs in pressure. The SpanAmerica PressureGuard APM Mattress includes a special heel slope taper along with a bolster system of two parts for additional comfort and stability during transferring or sitting.

Choosing the right type of turning mattress for your patient can play a huge part in determining their overall health.




Disabilities and Mobility Assistance

Disabilities can make people dependent on others to assist them with the most basic physical activities. However, during the summer especially, people may want to become more mobile.

With the invention of disability products, your disabled loved ones can go out and enjoy the summer with greater ease. Some essential summer supplies for disabled people are wheelchairs, leisure aids and other mobility products. 


Invacare MVP Wheelchair

MVP is the premier folding chair in the manual wheelchair line.


Wheelchairs are one of the most basic pieces of disability equipment, providing both seating and mobility benefits. Reclining chairs even provided back support while the user rests. Other types of wheelchairs are:

  • Tilt (tilts the user while keeping the hips in position)

  • Bariatric (for people with significant amount of weight)

  • Pediatric (for children)

Wheelchairs can be both mechanical and automated.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility ScootersMobility scooters allow disabled people to carry on with activities like shopping, meeting friends, and walking the dog. They are usually cheaper than automated wheelchairs, and can simply be charged at home.

Moreover, scooters require less physical strength than regular wheelchairs, and they have swiveling seats to assist the user when getting off the machine. Most importantly, these scooters are easy to use and only go up to 4 mph to avoid serious accidents.

Leisure Aids

Leisure AidsFinally, we have leisure aids that can go along with other disability products or other furniture in the house to help those with mobility problems. For instance, you have the car caddie that provides the necessary support to get out of a vehicle. Along similar lines there is the couch cane that helps disabled people get up from a sofa, particularly those who have low physical strength.

These were just a few supplies for disabled people available in the market today which provide them physical support and also give them a sense of independence.

Coflex for Pets

Coflex is an economically priced, strong bandage wrapping tape manufactured by Andover, used for inducing lightweight compression. The wrap’s superior flexibility allows it to be used multiple times in medical bandaging and wrapping procedures.

Since Coflex is a non-adhesive bandage, i.e. it sticks to itself rather than sticking onto the skin or hair, it also allows active circulation of the blood provides air to the affected area. Also, Coflex bandages are available in all sorts of sizes, colors, and prints.

Because these bandages do not stick to skin, hair or fur; Coflex bandage can be safely used as a pet bandage for almost all types of pets.

Coflex Applications in Pets

COFLEX NL Bandage Wrap Latex FreeCoflex bandage is used for the following purposes in pets:

  • Affixing tape for various surgical equipment including monitors
  • Post-operative vascular wrap
  • Support wrap for wrapping dog ears, horses’ legs, etc.
  • Holding IVs in place
  • Compression bandage for inhibiting bleeding
  • Promoting healing and circulation

Following are the few types of Coflex bandages used for providing pets with maximum comfort:

COFLEX Latex Free Bandage Wrap

COFLEX Tape Bandage WrapWith a tensile strength of 19 lbs, the Coflex NL Bandage Wrap Latex Free is comfortable, soft and does not shrink on the patient or on the roll. Some Coflex is designed for easy hand-tearing, leading to a quick application. When it’s time to remove the bandage, all you have to do is cut or tear it away with scissors without unwrapping it.

COFLEX Tape Bandage Wrap

The porosity provided by this bandage wrap tape is quite excellent along with being durable. Coflex Tape Bandage Wrap provides a tensile strength of 8 pounds which means that it can act as the prefect pressure wrap. These tapes come in sizes ranging from 1 to 6 inches in width. As with any other Coflex bandage, the tape bandage wrap can also be removed by using a scissor without the need for unwrapping.

Coflex provides a huge range of bandages that can be used for various purposes in animal health thus, allowing you to choose from the best in pet bandages.

Air Mattress Options

Air mattresses for hospital beds provide patients with greater comfort and improved circulation. The continuous air pressure change in this hospital mattress allows the patients to feel rather fresh as it promotes fluid and blood flow. Thus, circulation is improved and waking and turning are eliminated.

A hospital bed air mattress is better than other beds for many reasons. These do not only provide comfort to the patient but also aid the nursing staff at the same time. Medical-use air mattresses can help nurses in identifying and gauge patients at risk, regardless of their experience in the field.

There is a huge variety of air mattress brands that you could choose from like SpanAmerica, Huntleigh, Invacare and Roho, etc. Following are a few air mattress options provided by these brands.

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System features an 8 mattress restoration system helps greatly in pressure ulcer treatments. The pump includes an adjustable comfort range, clip-on hanger, a static function for alternating mode suspension and visible low and normal pressure indicators.

Invacare Supply Group Alternating Pressure Relief Mattress Replacement System

Alternating Pressure Mattress

The cycle time of this hospital air mattress is 8 minutes with a pressure range of 30 to 80 mmHg. There are 20 interchangeable and 8 individual polyurethane/nylon air bladders for easy maintenance and cleaning. The securing straps and slip-resistant mat at the mattress base offer additional safety. Also, the water resistant, vapor permeable cover easily zips off for convenient cleaning.

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress

SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress

Pressure Guard Mattress

The SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress is designed for addressing skin weakening due to unnecessary moisture which is also known as maceration. This hospital mattress does not lose inflation during power outages and its firm surface doesn’t allow users to be swallowed up. Unlike other hospital bed mattresses, the Safety Edge on the SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress will not collapse, making transfers rather easier along with making the user feeling not to hot or cold.

The SpanAmerica PressureGuard Easy Air Mattress is used among patients with excessive maceration which leads to skin breakdown development. Patients with a tendency to suffer from maceration stemming from an ulcer can greatly benefit from this mattress as it also provides prevention for individuals facing a high skin breakdown risk.

Air mattresses for hospital beds are great for a busy office as it allows nurses to maintain consistency along with the ability to determine patient outcomes as these hospital mattresses allow them to notice risks at a rather early stage, taking the best steps in preventative care.




Detecto Dr Scales

Detecto Dr ScalesAs guarantors of health, we have always been looked upon by patients for providing them with utmost care and accurate results (be it test results or weight readings). And when you’re looking for a scale that can provide you with the most accurate and reliable results, we can surely say that Detecto scales are the way to go.

Detecto physician beam scales are strong, reliable, and durable. A number of these models include BMI measurement, wheels, and height rods – some of these have displays at eye-level. The Dr. Scales by Detecto do not only provide assistance to personnel of the medical profession, but also allow individuals easy access to their weight readings at home.

The wheels fitted in these beam scales make them easier to transport from one place to another,making them perfect for clinic and home use. The steel bars and die-cast beam ensures longevity that lasts for several years due to its durable nature. The aluminum black insert makes readings easily readable from either side. The error-free readings generated by these strong bars stem from the device’s heavy-duty understructure.

With a history of scale manufacturing that dates back to the early 1900s, Detecto Scales have been trusted by physicians from all over the country as they provide medical practitioners with the professional accuracy that is much needed in their field of work.

A majority of physicians recommend Dr. Scales simply due to the quality and precision these beam scales have to offer. Also, you can easily get your hands on these efficient and durable scales at discounted rates that are quite affordable as well. By logging on to an online store for medical supplies, you can view a wide range of Detecto scales that ensure comfort and ease for the patients and physicians.