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Hospital Beds – What You Need To Know Before You Get Yours!

Joerns 530 Hospital Bed Package

The Home Care Need is Growing

When a patient needs care, there are several options available. Hospital Care is the most comprehensive and the most expensive. A Nursing Facility is less expensive and can handle most medical needs short of surgery, and Home Care can be the least expensive but usually requires more work from a relative who is the primary caregiver. If you choose to care for your family in your home, a Hospital Bed could be one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Skilled Nursing Facilities have been decreasing since it’s peak in the mid 90’s. People are getting healthier. When people are sick, they are cared for in the home more often than they were in the past. The 2004 Caregiving in the U.S. survey, sponsored by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, documented the prevalence of caregiving in the US. The study found that more than one in five US households are informal caregivers which are persons older than age 18. The typical caregiver is a 46 year old woman with at least some college experience who provides more than 20 hours of care each week to her mother.

At Vitality Medical, we have helped hundreds of people select the right Hospital Bed.

Why Buy Instead of Rent?

There are several places where one may rent a Hospital Bed. They may fulfill your needs if those needs include a brief 1-2 month rental. But for the long term, you may be money ahead in purchasing a new Patient Bed. When you buy, instead of rent, there are several advantages. Here are four:

  1. Your bed is new.
  2. You own an asset that is resalable.
  3. You save money in the long run versus renting.
  4. You get the features you want instead of just what is available.

It’s New– Although a rental agency would probably repair any breakdowns in the motors or some other part, the likelihood of a new bed breaking down is significantly less than a used rental Hospital Bed. And no repairs means no inconvenience. The new beds have their full warranties available and new technologies applied to increase their durability. If you find yourself stuck in a rental bed, because of your insurance or for some other reason, do yourself a favor and at least buy a clean new mattress for the bed.

You Own– The Hospital Bed is a commodity in increasing demand. The number of people in a nursing home type of care facility is decreasing and has been since it’s peak in the mid 90’s. There are approximately 7.6 million individuals currently receiving care in a hospital bed from 83,000 providers because of acute illness, long-term health conditions, permanent disability, or terminal illness. Once you don’t need it, most people can quickly and easily sell their hospital bed using an online service like craigslist.

You Save– An initial month’s Full Electric Hospital Bed rent is between $225 and $350. The first month includes the set-up. The ongoing monthly rental is $200-$300. The last month’s rental is more to allow for pick-up, also between $225-$350. Since Vitality Medical does not rent hospital beds, we can estimate a year’s worth of bed rental at the high end-$3,700. Or, if you are lucky, on the low end you can rent for $2,450-ouch! The Invacare Semi Electric Hospital Bed Value Package with Therapeutic Mattress is only $880.16 (on 1/21/2010); so the savings with a basic bed is obvious.

You Get– Often when people attempt to rent a Hospital Bed they are told that there are none currently available. Often rental hospital beds are scarce. So the other big advantage of buying over renting is actually getting a hospital bed when you need it and getting all the features you want. Rentals often allow you only what is available at the time.

Graham-Field Patriot Semi-Electric Bed

Graham-Field Patriot Semi-Electric Bed

And speaking of Hospital Bed features, there are several different Hospital Bed configurations and options to choose from including Manual Hospital Beds. In next months blog, I will highlight the different features to consider when choosing a hospital bed for your home.

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