Vitality Medical Scales Measure Up

With a variety of styles and choices available, it can be difficult to get the right scale to meet your needs. Whether it is a basic bathroom scale or a specific scale for your healthcare facility, has the perfect scale to meet your needs at The Scale Store.

The days of the the basic bathroom scale as your only choice are over. Although the common bathroom scale is still available, even these have been improved for ease of use and reading.

Today there are Eye Level Digital Scales that are convenient with their digital readouts elevated to eye level. This provides easy reading in a convenient unit that takes up minimal space. If the height of the Eye Level Digital Scale is too much, try the Waist High Digital Scales.

If those won’t work, try the 2-Piece Remote Scales. These scales offer the traditional floor scale design with the added bonus of a remote LCD readout display that can be placed in a convenient location of your choosing. Some models even offer a BMI function, such as the Seca Digital Scale.For a durable and traditional scale, you can never go wrong with a Beam Scale. These scales are durable and use the reliable weight and bar method, and some models include height rods, wheels and BMI measurement.

For your more complicated needs, offers a variety of specialty scales. The Bariatric Floor and Handrail scales provide a way for people to use a scale with ease and comfort. From the simplest floor scale such as the Detecto Low-Profile Bariatric Scale to the Seca Large Platform Scale with Handrails that provides safety for those who are unstable on their feet.

Chair scales are also available in a wide variety of styles. The Detecto Bariatric Flip Seat Scale works like a platform scale with handrails with the addition of a flip down seat for those unable to stand easily. There are also rolling chair scales for use on those unable to stand. These units have wheels allowing you to move the chair to any location for ease of use.

For weighing those who are even less mobile, Detecto offers two Bed Scales, the Detecto Digital In Bed Scale and the Detecto Heavy-Capacity In Bed Scale. With flame-retardant and anti-bacterial stretchers, combined with hydraulic lifts, these beds are a safe alternative for obtaining a patients weight.

Another alternative is a Patient Lift Scale. Designed to be used between the patient sling and the lift boom, patient lift scales come in a mechanical version, digital and bariatric digital styles. even offers specialty scales for the smallest needs. Pediatric and Neonatal Scales come in a variety of styles, from mechanical and digital pediatric scales to the special neonatal Detecto Digital Baby Scale with a 30 pound capacity.

And when it comes to the smallest of measurements, there are a wide range of kitchen scales available for portion control measurement. From the basic Detecto Dual Reading Top Loading Portion Scale to the top of the line Detecto Electronic Digital Portion Control Scale with settings for ounces, grams and pounds, you can measure your food portions with confidence and ease.

Regardless of your scale needs, has you covered. Check out the wide variety of scales available at the scale store today and buy your next scale with confidence from Vitality Medical.

For 9 years, at Vitality Medical, we have delivered on our promise to sell top quality medical supplies at the best prices on the Web.


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