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Bring Leukotape and Surgilube to your next Marathon

The stresses and aches that one must endure to cross a finish line 26.2 miles away from where you started can often prevent you from ever reaching it. The elusive goal is only crossed after a grueling struggle between body and mind; logic and determination. It is estimated that less than one percent of the population will ever run a marathon. Understanding the punishing nature of the marathon, it is not hard to see why.

At we think you can do it. In fact, we’re here to help-by offering products that can help keep your eyes on the trail and your mind focused. Sometimes the difference between finishing and disappointment can be small. That is where we come in.

One of the most problematic ailments to a runner is the blistering of heals and toes. Along with wearing shoes that fit you comfortably, a quality lubrication can do wonders for your feet. Surgilube by Fougera is a lubricating jelly that does not irritate skin. For best results simply apply the Surgilube to your heels, toes, and any other part of the foot that may cause discomfort. Doing this creates a thin barrier and decreases the amount of friction that can cause pain and blisters.

Another great product that Vitality Medical offers is Luekotape by BSN. Leukotape P Sports Tape is a rayon-backed adhesive tape that can help with a number of issues, such as Plantar Fasciitis and ankle sprains. While you are recovering from an ankle sprain, your lateral ligaments are tender and don’t offer the stability needed to protect your subtalar joint. This is where BSN’s Leukotape P can help. By taping the foot in a position that helps your heel stay in place, or “locked,” you can run with the extra support that your ligaments need.

Leukotape can also help with Plantar Fasciitis. When the plantar fascia is inflamed, the more room it has to contract the more you feel it. By using a compressing sports tape for support, you can help prevent additional discomfort by taping the arch so that it is secured to the rest of the foot.

While preparing for your marathon you can also bring a roll of Leukotape P Sports Tape along for the run. The moment you feel a hot spot developing on your foot, stop and apply the tape as a layer of protection. Put it on tight and smooth so as not to add bulk or cause additional friction. This will keep the blister from getting worse. Leukotape is great to prevent and help with blisters.

Other athletic tape options can be found at Sports Tape. For 11 years VitalityMedical has been a leader in the Medical Supply industry. Whether it’s helping you finish your marathon and reach your goals, or helping you get back on your feet after an accident, Vitality Medical is here to help.


Traveling with Diabetes

It is no secret at what a hassle it can be to manage your diabetes at times, especially when it comes to traveling. For the estimated 24 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, your upcoming vacation may seem like anything but – the preparation for your travel far exceeds the standard budgeting and lodging accommodations. Your planning and organization must be precise. The many diabetic supplies that you rely on are not always easy to keep track of and can be difficult to pack. Vitality Medical can help.

VitalityMedical carries products that can help you stay organized and keep your supplies safe, while you are away from home. For those who rely on insulin, transporting it can be tricky. Manufacturers of insulin recommend that you keep your insulin refrigerated to protect it from climate changes. This can be a daunting task while traveling. And keeping it cool is only one of the challenges. Insulin vials are not only fragile, but can be expensive to replace. While traveling it is important to keep them in a safe place.

It is imperative for those with diabetes to ensure that they have enough supplies to maintain their daily routine for the entire duration of the trip. This should include extra supplies, as it is not easy to find the supplies you will need while away from home. In additional to insulin or your oral medication, you will also need to bring your glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, syringes, glucose tablets, and anything else vital to your daily routine. This is where can help by providing you with a one stop supplier for your traveling requirements.

Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe

Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe

Vitality Medical carries the full line of Medicool Diabetic Supplies. including foot care accessories, diabetic socks, and diabetes carrying cases. Nothing offers a more complete storage solution than their Dia-Pak Deluxe. The Dia-Pak Deluxe is long term answer for your transportation needs. Medicool’s high-quality case carries up to two weeks of your supplies in a portable, water resistant enclosure. The nylon case features multiple pockets and storage compartments in it’s convenient design. The Dia-Pak Deluxe also includes an ever important ice pack to keep your insulin cool, no matter where your vacation takes you.

Medicool Protector Insulin Case

Medicool Protector Insulin Case

The Protector Insulin Case by Medicool also offers protection from both physical damage and heat; both of which can destroy your insulin. By allowing you to store your insulin directly in the ice pack, you can keep two vials cool for up to 16 hours – perfect for long flights and road trips. You also have the comfort of knowing that your insulin is protected by a solid container. Not only can the insulated case keep your insulin cool, it can keep it from freezing in cold temperatures as well.

Medicool D.I. Insulin Case

Medicool D.I. Insulin Case

Another great case made by Medicool is their, D.I. Insulin Case. Made to meet the appearance of a designer sunglass case, it weights a mere 4 ounces. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in convenience. The Medicool D.I. Case can carry two insulin vials, two syringes, and alcohol swabs. Better yet, it can fit in your purse or front pocket. Transporting your insulin has never been this discreet.

Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

To transport pre-filled syringes, a more specialized container is needed. The Medicool Wright Prefilled Syringe Case is the perfect solution. The Prefilled syringe case holds the syringe plunger in an individual preset position with approximate dosage. This impact-resistant, polypropylene case offers piece mind while on the road and never has to leave your pocket.

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets

Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets can be vital while traveling. It is comes in a durable, easy-to-carry travel tubes of 10 tablets, and refillable 50 packs – ideal for travel and home. The Can Am Care Dex4 Glucose Tablets fit just about anywhere.

For 11 years, at Vitality Medical, we have delivered on our promise to sell top quality medical supplies at the best prices on the Web.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators Provide Freedom

Oxygen concentrators have become a critical piece of home medical equipment for many people suffering from ailments such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema. is a leader in home medical devices and offers a wide range of high-quality portable oxygen concentrators that can meet your needs.

Compared to the bulky oxygen tanks of the past, portable oxygen concentrators provide much more freedom. With units small enough to carry with ease and features that provide ease of use and security, portable oxygen concentrators are becoming the standard for those in need of oxygen supply.

SeQual Eclipse 2

SeQual Eclipse 2 offers three of the leading manufacturers of oxygen concentrators, including SeQual, Inogen and Respironics. These top-notch products will provide the life-giving oxygen for those in need, and deliver it in a conveniently portable concentrator unit.

SeQual Eclipse 2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

From SeQual there is the brand new Eclipse 2 Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System. This unit is the only portable oxygen concentrator that is able to provide continuous flow or pulse dose continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Small and lightweight, this unit comes in at just 17.4 pounds with the power cartridge attached. This travel friendly unit is air travel approved and is an incredibly quiet unit. This quality unit is rugged and features AutoSAT Technology for the most consistent flow.

Inogen One

Inogen One

Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

Inogen redefined the portable oxygen concentrator market with the Inogen One, creating a portable unit like no other on the market. This technologically unique model is easy to use as there is no longer a need for cylinders or base stations.

The Inogen One is designed to meet all of your needs, whether as a lightweight travel unit or a stationary device. This unit is energy efficient, weighs less than 10 pounds with the battery, and will make travel much easier due to its small size. With state of the art breath detection, this unit responds to breath signals with incredible sensitivity.

Respironics EverGo

Respironics EverGo

Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator

Weighing in at under 10 pounds, the Respironics EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides one of the best solutions for oxygen needs. With a touch screen interface that is easy to use and low maintenance needs, the EverGo is as versatile as any unit on the market.

Designed for easy portability, the EverGo offers three power options, AC, DC and two rechargeable batteries. This unit takes the stress out of travel, and the batteries can last up to eight hours depending on the settings.

Invacare XPO2

Invacare XPO2

XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Invacare’s brand new XPO2 Oxygen Concentrator comes in as one of the smallest portable units on the market, thus it’s name comes from it’s extreme portability. This stout yet lightweight unit is easy to operate and is only about the size of a thick book.

With multiple power options and quiet functioning, the XPO2 is ideal for travel and provides peace of mind for those worried about running out of oxygen. With pulse settings form 1-5, this unit provides independence for a broad range of needs.

EVO Central Air

EVO Central Air

Delphi EVO Central Air Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Another lightweight, highly portable unit, the EVO Central Air by Delphi comes in under 10 pounds and is easily transported by carrying or pulled with the included cart. Priced at a point that makes it affordable for many, the EVO Central Air provides freedom for many.

With efficient engineering, the smallest in its class and it’s durability the EVO Central Air is ideal for those looking to get away from the bulky oxygen tanks. Delphi offers premium service and support worldwide.

In addition to these great Portable Oxygen Concentrators, offers a wide range of oxygen concentrator accessories for all of your needs. Check out our full line of products today, and give us a call to receive the best price on portable oxygen concentrators from any home medical supply company.

For 9 years, at Vitality Medical, we have delivered on our promise to sell top quality medical supplies at the best prices on the Web.