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Vitality Medical launches PRICE MATCH for online medical supplies

Price Match Policy

Price Match Policy

The internet is great, whatever you need, you can find online and usually at lower prices, than if you would go to a brick and stone store. However, how do you know you get the best deal? There are so many places, so many stores!?

What if you find one thing that you need at a good price on one web site and another thing that is cheaper than in the first store, on some other web site? Will you buy the two things in different stores and pay shipping twice? Or will you go for one shipping charge, even though that means that you pay more for the product in this store, than if you would have gone to two different stores?

If you need any medical supplies, whether it may an oxygen concentrator for respiratory therapy, rollators for increased mobility, diabetes supplies for diabetics, urinary supplies for incontinence, hospital beds for recovering patients or wound care supply, go to the Vitality Medical and you will not have to worry anymore.

Vitality Medical is introducing a really cool price match policy:

Whenever you find a product in another online store and that store has a delivered price (the list price plus shipping and handling) cheaper than what you would pay at Vitality Medical fill out the Price Match Form.You will also find the complete details of the price match policy on this web page.

Vitality Medical Onlilne Medical Supplies
The price match for the delivered price is the biggest advantage of this offer: how many times did you find a good price offered on some web site, but by the time the shipping and handling is added, you actually pay more than on all of the other web sites? Or the fact, that the competitor offers free shipping is what makes the offered cheaper than Vitality Medical’s price?

Vitality Medical will match the real price: the price that you pay to have the item in you hands, not the price that is charged for the item, before it is being shipped. Additionally Vitality Medical not only offers a low flat shipping rate for all orders below $100, but it also offers free shipping above $100. So you find something that’s cheaper somewhere else, and you buy it from Vitality Medical using the price match policy.

For peace of mind and the best prices shop Vitality Medical, because, even if you have found an item for a cheaper price elsewhere, Vitality Medical will match the price.

For 9 years has been a leader in the Medical Supply industry. Whether it’s helping you finish your marathon and reach your goals, or helping you get back on your feet after an accident, VitalityMedical is here to help.


Swine Flu- Where are all the N95 Masks?

The current outbreak of swine flu has everybody scared. But there are things you can do to significantly cut your risk of contracting the infection: wash your hands with soap and water regularly and wear a surgical mask when you go places where lots of people come together. It is a good idea to wear a mask whenever you have contact with people who have the swine flu.

Why does this work?

Because of the way flu viruses are spread. According to the Center of Disease Control1, the swine flu can be spread like any other flu, by inhaling droplets from the sneezing and coughing of infected persons, or by touching something that contains live virus (like a door knob, that has been touched by an person with the swine flu, after this person sneezed or coughed into their hand, which is the reason why everybody is encouraged to sneeze and cough into their elbows).

The inhalation of infectious aerosols like sneezing droplets can be prevented very effectively by the wearing of a surgical mask.

Check Vitality Medical’s selection of surgical masks, especially the 3M N95 Masks that are available from Vitality Medical.

3M 1870 Mask

3M 1870 Mask

The 3M1860 and 3M 1870 masks provide the highest level of protection from infection by this route.

Unfortunately, due to the concerns about the swine flu outbreak, the demand for them is currently so high, that they are sold out in many places. People used to be able to just go to the neighborhood drug store or a specialty medical supply store to buy these mask, but now, that everybody wants to stock up on them, they are all gone. Even on the internet, most websites are sold out and it is not known, when the masks will be coming back to these places.

The good news is, they are still available at Vitality Medical. The masks are uniquely comfortable, and have the highest industry standard ASTM level of 160mm Hg for fluid and splash resistance. The 3M-patented, flat-fold/three-panel design gives the 3M 1870 N95 respirator mask a comfortable fit unlike any other respirator. The mask is hypoallergenic, so you won’t get a asthma-attack due to inhaled latex particles when you use it. The mask protects not only from virus infections like the swine flu and other flu viruses, but also from bacteria like the ones that cause tuberculosis. It can also be worn to reduce exposure to smoke and dust, when working in the garage or work shop.

Other surgical masks that also provide protection from infectious aerosols are the 3M 1860 N95 Mask. This mask does not have the patented folding of the 1870 mask, but it fits most shapes of faces, and is slightly cheaper than the 1870 mask. It comes in two sizes of regular and small to allow maximum fit. Both styles of respirators, the 1870 and 1860 are NIOSH certified tested against a 0.3 micron particle (mass median aerodynamic diameter) per 42 CFR 84.

3M 1860 Mask

3M 1860 Mask

Another economy option is the 3M Nexcare All-purpose Mask that is available in boxes of five. This light-weight comfortable mask filters out 99% of the wearer’s exhaled airborne bacteria, and thus helps reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. It also warms and moistens the inhaled air which makes breathing easier, and can reduce discomfort in people experiencing symptoms of respiratory infections like sore throat and coughing.

Be prepared to order a box of N95 masks, if you don’t need them today you might need them tomorrow. Other mask options include the AMD Ritmed Safe-Mask and the Molnlycke SOFLOOP. Lets hope we never need to use them for a full blown pandemic.

You can always use them when you mow the lawn or work in the garage.

For 9 years has been a leader in the Medical Supply industry. Whether it’s helping you finish your marathon and reach your goals, or helping you get back on your feet after an accident, VitalityMedical is here to help.