Vitality Medical launches PRICE MATCH for online medical supplies

Price Match Policy

Price Match Policy

The internet is great, whatever you need, you can find online and usually at lower prices, than if you would go to a brick and stone store. However, how do you know you get the best deal? There are so many places, so many stores!?

What if you find one thing that you need at a good price on one web site and another thing that is cheaper than in the first store, on some other web site? Will you buy the two things in different stores and pay shipping twice? Or will you go for one shipping charge, even though that means that you pay more for the product in this store, than if you would have gone to two different stores?

If you need any medical supplies, whether it may an oxygen concentrator for respiratory therapy, rollators for increased mobility, diabetes supplies for diabetics, urinary supplies for incontinence, hospital beds for recovering patients or wound care supply, go to the Vitality Medical and you will not have to worry anymore.

Vitality Medical is introducing a really cool price match policy:

Whenever you find a product in another online store and that store has a delivered price (the list price plus shipping and handling) cheaper than what you would pay at Vitality Medical fill out the Price Match Form.You will also find the complete details of the price match policy on this web page.

Vitality Medical Onlilne Medical Supplies
The price match for the delivered price is the biggest advantage of this offer: how many times did you find a good price offered on some web site, but by the time the shipping and handling is added, you actually pay more than on all of the other web sites? Or the fact, that the competitor offers free shipping is what makes the offered cheaper than Vitality Medical’s price?

Vitality Medical will match the real price: the price that you pay to have the item in you hands, not the price that is charged for the item, before it is being shipped. Additionally Vitality Medical not only offers a low flat shipping rate for all orders below $100, but it also offers free shipping above $100. So you find something that’s cheaper somewhere else, and you buy it from Vitality Medical using the price match policy.

For peace of mind and the best prices shop Vitality Medical, because, even if you have found an item for a cheaper price elsewhere, Vitality Medical will match the price.

For 9 years has been a leader in the Medical Supply industry. Whether it’s helping you finish your marathon and reach your goals, or helping you get back on your feet after an accident, VitalityMedical is here to help.


One response to “Vitality Medical launches PRICE MATCH for online medical supplies

  1. Positively, i like your point of online source and i do think that anyone can find out most of their requirement online no matters if it is about Medical Supply. Your point of prices is really awesome as it is crucial factor for everyone. I have seem some of the sites which are not even charging shipping or handling prices.I think for readers this will be a good point to know when it comes to pricing of medical supply.

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