Oxygen Review – Why Use Oxygen Concentrators?

Why Use An Oxygen Concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a wonderful device that has provided much greater mobility to many patients that are dependent upon an external oxygen supply to breathe. While traditionally these oxygen deprived patients would be restricted to their homes or care facilities, now they can enjoy many of the activities they were formerly accustomed to enjoying. Patients suffering from COPD, asthma and a host of other respiratory diseases can use an oxygen concentrator to allow them much more freedom. Portable oxygen concentrators can be easily brought along while they travel in vehicles, on foot, or even on public forms of transportation.

An oxygen concentrator actually extracts the oxygen from the air around you and concentrates it. The nitrogen in the air is then released into the surrounding ambient air. The oxygen machine then delivers this concentrated oxygen to the patient.

Oxygen Tanks versus Oxygen Concentrators

Traditional oxygen tanks simply store oxygen which is depleted when the tank is empty. An oxygen concentrator actually supplies oxygen continuously as long as the power source is uninterrupted. The power source can be an electrical outlet in a home or car, or rechargeable batteries. Patients and caregivers should always ensure that batteries are fully charged before traveling. A charger adapter for the car extends the time you can be away from your home while still getting an ample supply of oxygen. When you exit the car, your concentrator can operate off of its internal battery for up to 4 hours on some portable oxygen concentrator models.

Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

Invacare XPO2V Oxygen Concentrator

  • Oxygen concentrators are more economical than oxygen tanks.
  • Oxygen concentrators are safer than oxygen tanks.
  • Oxygen concentrators provide much more mobility due to less size and weight.
  • Less hassle. You are not required to meet scheduled appointments to refill oxygen tanks with an oxygen concentrator.
  • Many portable oxygen concentrators are allowed for air travel on-board airlines that cross US airspace. Oxygen Therapy Patients should check with each airline for specific requirements.

Oxygen concentrators have revolutionized the mobility and freedom for patients that require a continuous oxygen supply. These oxygen machines are able to use the surrounding air, remove nitrogen, and concentrate and deliver oxygen to patients who require it for survival.


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