Do Bed Wetting Alarms Work?

Bed wetting a common predicament

 Looking for Bedwetting Solutions

Every child wets the bed during sleep at night. This is a very common problem which parents face everywhere. It is all right if the child grows out of the problem soon. But, if the child is not motivated and trained to stop bedwetting early, then it may carry into the later years as well. Bedwetting by children after the age of five is called Nocturnal Enuresis. It often runs in families as a genetic problem. Parents of bedwetting children, often try numerous methods to stop this habit or at least reduce its frequency. If you have found that the traditional methods such as praising the child for a dry bed or reprimanding them for wetting during the night are not working; then there is another method you should try — Using Bed Wetting Alarms.

Bed wetting alarm, the mechanism

Bed Wetting Alarm devices wake children just as they start urinating by sounding an audible alarm. It consists of a bedwetting sensor linked either to the pajama of the child or to a bed pad used to keep the bed dry. On sensing the first drops of urine the sensor immediately sounds the alarm which disturbs the sleep of the child and reminds them to go to the bathroom. In the case of a deep sleeper, the alarm works equally well by waking other family members so that they can wake the child and take them to the bathroom to finish urinating. By these methods, a bed wetting alarm ultimately teaches the child to wake up as soon as his bladder is full, or to sleep through the night without urinating.

How to use a bed wetting device

Finding Familiy Solutions to Bedwetting


To get the full benefits of a Bed Wetting Alarm, you will first have to understand the correct procedure of using it. At the beginning, it will be better if an adult slept in the same room as the child, so that when the alarm sounds, the child is not scared by it. Also, during this time, the child should be taught to respond to the alarm by going to the toilet immediately and urinating there. After which he should also learn how to reset the alarm by himself before going back to sleep. After a few weeks, you can move out of the child’s room when you feel confident that he has learned how to handle the alarm. From then onwards, you will find a slow but steady decrease in the frequency of bedwetting.

How effective is this device

In children above the age of seven, the chances of this device fulfilling its objective is high. This can be attributed to the co-operation of the child. When a child understands that bedwetting is not socially acceptable, he will usually be enthusiastic and willing to use this device. In most cases it should not take more than 5 to 6 months to fully realize the effectiveness of this device. When a consecutive stretch of 14 days of a dry bed is attained,  you can safely stop the use of the alarm. Sometimes there maybe a relapse in which case, a second course of this treatment should completely cure the child of this problem.

Uncooperative children

But, how effective is this device with children who are not willing to co-operate? Well, this device loses its sting with such children. Initially, it has to be forced on the child and then it has to be coupled with encouragement and reprimands later to make it an effective treatment method. Usually with such children, the duration for cure is much longer and requires more vigilance.

Increase the efficiency

Malem ULTIMATE Bedwetting Alarm

Although your child may have learned how to respond to the alarm, sometimes the bed wetting alarm can fail to stop bedwetting. Taking proper precautions is necessary to avoid failures. Sometimes bedwetting children will simply turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. In such cases, you need to keep the alarm distanced from the bed so that they will have to get out of bed to turn it off. If your child sweats at night and a bed pad alarm sensor is being used, a double sheet may be necessary to avoid false alarms. Another option is to select a different type of Bedwetting Sensor. In a rare case when your child is the only family member sleeping soundly while the alarm rings and every one else is awakened, wake the child up and take them to the bathroom, after which, make sure that you have them reset the alarm themselves. By turning this into a routine, your child will soon get into the habit of responding to the alarm on their own.

A few more tips

In most cases when a child does not co-operate, it is because they are annoyed with the alarm, or feels insecure when they wake up at night. You can try calming your child every time they wake up and accompany them as they finishes urinating in the bathroom. Help them reset the alarm and never punish them for wetting the bed. Encourage and praise them every time they wake up and for every dry night that they achieve. As the child grows accustomed to the alarm and responds appropriately, you can increase the efficiency of the alarm by simply using a technique called ‘overlearning’. This technique involves giving your child more liquids intentionally a few hours before bed time, so that the bladder is full during the night. Initially, the child will likely restart wetting the bed, but once they can learn to respond to a full bladder by going to the bathroom, they will be totally cured of bed wetting. By utilizing the ‘overlearning’ technique, you make the night time visit to the bathroom a routine that the child becomes accustomed to on a nightly basis. As with any action, once it becomes a habit, it always stays with the child.

Malem ULTIMATE Bed Side Alarm and Bed Sensor Pad


Bed Wetting Alarms and a variety of Bedwetting Sensors are available online at Vitality Medical. A large selection of bedwetting alarms that utilize audible alarms, vibration alarms, flashing light, recorded messages, recorded sounds or a combination of these alarms are always in stock ready to be shipped to your door. Vitality Medical carries specialized alarm systems such as the Wireless Bedwetting Alarm, the Toileting Bedwetting Alarm, the BedSide Alarm, the Recordable Bedwetting Alarm, the Wrist Watch Bedwetting Alarm and the Motion Sensor Alarm. Bedwetting alarm sensor options include the Easy-Clip Sensor, the Sit-up Sensor, the Bed Sensor Pad and the Standard Flat Sensor, all of which are on our Bedwetting Sensor page. Visit our online Bedwetting Alarm Store today to select the options that work best for your situation.


7 responses to “Do Bed Wetting Alarms Work?

  1. Why would anyone reprimand a child for bedwetting? It is not their fault and this should NEVER be done. The child feels bad enough and does not choose to wet the bed. We are in the process of trying an alarm with our 7yo who still wets almost every night.

  2. I’ve researched on the malem bedwetting alarm you mentioned here. And based on reviews it does seem very effective. I’m not really sure why parents wouldn’t take up this option as it seems to be a good alternative to buying bedwetting diapers or mats.

  3. The Wetting Bed Alarm is an excellent device to help your child start waking up dry.

  4. First your child should have complete know-how about the alarm and also have practices to use it properly otherwise its purpose will be nothing.
    I have observed that saying many doctors that this disease occurs when you marry within your family so avoid these matters.

  5. i think its a pretty good gadget for those parents who have tired of facing bed wetting problems of their child.although the method takes some time yet it is effective and gradually the child develops the habit of waking at night for have also describe some of it so called side effects but overall it is a good instrument.

  6. You should never scold a child for bed wetting of course this is not a conscious choice to wet the bed they are asleep. What old fashioned nonsense to blame a child for wetting in their sleep it is like punishing them for what they dream.

  7. Keep up the superb piece of work, I research couple of content on this website and I believe that your web weblog is real interesting and has got bands of great info .

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