What is an erectile vacuum pump?

A common affliction- Erectile Dysfunction

ED Devices to Treat Impotence

The inability to obtain an erection or to maintain an erect penis is known as erectile dysfunction. It is also referred to as male impotency. This condition can happen naturally with age or can have underlying medical or psychological or relationship conditions. Medical conditions such as cardiovascular ailments, excess alcoholism, and drug side effects almost always manifest in impotency. Leading a stressful life and having problems in relationships are also major reasons for many men suffering from impotency. Whatever the condition, the problem can be taken care of using devices or medications. Among these options, an erectile vacuum pump is considered a better choice because of its safety and ease of use.

The biology behind male impotency

An erection occurs in response to an erotic stimulation of the senses. A signal is generated in the brain which travels down to the penis and instructs a massive influx of blood into the sponge like cells present in the shaft. These cells engorge on the blood rushing in and this phenomenon causes an erection. Erectile dysfunction happens when enough blood does not rush into the penis or the penis is not able to hold on to the blood that has entered into it. With age this happens because the muscles at the base of the penis responsible for constricting the vessels and keeping blood trapped lose some of their abilities. However in younger individuals, it is not a failure of muscles that triggers this process, but some other underlying condition.

The erectile vacuum pump

Treating Impotence without Chemicals

An erectile vacuum pump is a vacuum constriction device (VCD) which is used by men to attain and maintain an erect penis. This device consists of three basic parts. A cylinder mostly acrylic in construction. An external pump, either automatic or hand powered. And the last component is a band called erection ring. The cylinder is placed over a semi-erect penis and sealed at the base of the penis shaft using an erection ring. The pump is connected to the cylinder at the head and is operated either manually or through battery, to create a vacuum around the penis. Because of the vacuum, blood rushes in to the sponge tissues of penis and causes it to stiffen. Once the maximum stiffness has been reached, the device is removed and the erection ring is firmly clamped to the base of the shaft behind the scrotal sac. This ring prevents the blood from draining out of the penis. Often it can be a hassle to get the ring onto the shaft and also to remove it. Using a lubricant can considerably ease the process. Rings equipped with handles also facilitate removal.

Effectiveness of vacuum pumps

Studies have shown that an average of 60% men who have used this device are satisfied with the results. It is a very effective method to combat male impotency and although it does nothing to remove the problem, it does help live with it. As with any solution, with prolonged usage of this device, satisfaction levels will decrease as the body grows accustomed to the process. This device is effective in use for many different causes of erectile dysfunction. Medical reasons such as diabetes, post prostate surgery, stress, anxiety and depression are some underlying causes of impotency that can be cured by using a vacuum pump device.

Are there side effects from using an erectile pump?

POS-T-VAC BOS2000-2 Battery Operated Erection System

Since, erections brought about through this method are not the same as natural erections; some men find that using this device brings a dull purple haze to the penis skin. Some men indicate that their penis seems to feel cold to touch more than usual. These are minor side effects and should not in any way distance you from using this device. You may also experience a decrease in ejaculation force. This can be explained by the use of a constricting band which unfortunately not only stops the blood from leaving the penis but, also prevents all the semen from entering into it as well. Not to worry though, on removal of the band the semen will trickle out. Besides, this side effect does not affect orgasm in any way.

Cost of VCDs

Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection System

Vacuum pumps come in many different varieties from many different companies. They generally cost $90 and up. The ED Pump displayed to the right is a combination pump with both battery and manual vacuum operation, costing $135.00. Some need to be operated by hand while others use a battery to power the pump. The automatic ones are generally preferred over the manual because of the time it takes and the effort required as well. These are devices that can be brought over-the-counter without a prescription and hence are a great alternative to medications and other devices.

Benefits of using erectile vacuum pumps

The fact that erectile pumps are available for purchase without prescription indicates the safety of this product. It has been deemed safe for commercial use and thus, has been removed from the prescribed list. Those who seek insurance reimbursement for their pump will need a prescription from a physician. VCD has a success rate in the high 80% and thus, should be the major reason why one should opt for this device over other competing products. Surveys have shown that using this device to get over impotency not only benefits males but, 85% of women said it satisfied them. The fact that it has nil side effects means that it can be used in tandem with drugs like Viagra to overcome impotency. Most men suffer from erectile dysfunction owing to psychological issues. For such men using this device slowly restores their confidence in their own sexual self and the dependence on this device will gradually wane away. This erectile dysfunction device is a rarity in itself. The fact that erection pumps can be used by anyone suffering from impotency is its biggest advantage. The price of this ED device is low enough that for many men suffering from impotence, it is a good investment

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