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How to Select a Raised Toilet Seat

Bathroom Safety for both Patients and Caregivers - Raised Toilet Seats

For people with mobility issues, picking a Raised Toilet Seat can make the task of using the toilet much easier and safer.  A raised toilet seat can offer the user a new level of independence that they may have lost through illness, injury or aging.  The benefits of picking a raised toilet seat include personal safety and extend beyond the user themselves. Bathroom safety products are a great help to nurses and caregivers who need to help patients use the toilet.  A raised toilet seat reduces the strain on the caregiver when raising and lowering the patient to the seat.

The first consideration when picking a raised toilet seat is in which bathroom you will install the raised commode.  This decision should be based primarily on which bathroom is the most accessible and the most frequently used by the person who requires the raised toilet seat.  Also consider if anyone else will be using that bathroom regularly.  This is an important consideration because, in some cases, raised toilet seats are permanently affixed to the toilet and cannot be removed if someone else needs to use the toilet.

Rubbermaid Elevated Toilet Seat with Undergrips

Once you have determined the bathroom where the Elevated Toilet Seat will be installed, the next step in selecting an elevated toilet seat is taking accurate measurements. There are several different types or styles of these safety seats that accommodate different size toilets or toilet designs. To ensure that the raised toilet seat you select will fit safely and securely onto your existing toilet, it is important to measure the existing toilet. Match the measurements to the seat you intend to purchase.

Next, when picking a raised toilet seat it is important to determine the reason you need one.  Will you be using it only to facilitate easier transfers to and from the toilet?  Or does the user need the seat to also provide support for them while they are on the toilet?  This will help you when picking a raised toilet seat to determine whether the seat will need to have extra features such as a back rest or a strap that will help keep the user supported and safe.

Columbia Medical Padded Toilet Seat with Splash Guard, Seat Belt and Back Support

Picking a raised toilet seat should always be a consideration of what particular needs the user will have.  Not all seats are created equally, and each user’s needs will dictate the kind of seat and features that are necessary.  Additional features that could be available include Splash Guards for male users, Armrest with Adjustable Footrest Toilet Seat for added comfort and stability, Toilet Safety Frames to help patients get on and off the toilet seat, Hi Back Support or the Low Back Toilet Support with seat belts for added security, Sitz Bath Toilet Seat which is inflatable, Padded Seats for additional comfort which can be especially important if the user is recovering from surgery in the area or if they are prone to bed sores.  Some seats feature Elevated Toilet Seats with Removal Arms or grab bars to assist the user, while others do not.  More features are not necessarily better; the important thing is to assess what the user’s actual needs are.

There are many choices to consider when picking a raised toilet seat.  Sites like Vitality Medical offer many choices for a variety of needs and users.  Several different toilet seat options can be viewed at Raised Toilet Seats.