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Living with Incontinence After a Prostatectomy

Living with Incontinence After a Prostatectomy

Men who have a prostatectomy for prostate cancer, often find themselves suffering from post operative urinary incontinence. Although in this case, the cure is not worst than the disease, many men still find the new problem of incontinence as a new significant upheaval in their lives. Internal catheters are uncomfortable and often painful. Wearing diapers is not a welcomed event and brings a whole new set of problems with odor, leaks, skin rash, etc. For men who still live very active life styles, diapers are not an appropriate solution for incontinence. Four other popular alternatives are available that many men have found to be much better solutions for male incontinence than internal catheters and diapers. These alternatives are male external catheters, incontinence clamps, collection pouches and absorbent briefs or shorts.

Alternatives to Internal Catheters and Diapers for Post-Operative Urinary Incontinence

Hollister Extended Wear Male External Catheter

External Catheters

An external catheter is used to direct the flow of urine to a leg bag or collection bottle/bag. External Catheters are similar to condoms and are sometimes referred to as "Condom Catheters" or "Male Catheters". External catheters provide a much lower risk of obtaining a bladder infection than internal catheters. Usually made of latex, external catchers are flexible and provide an excellent seal. For people with latex allergies, silicone catheters are also available like the Rochester UltraFlex External Catheter or the Mentor Clear Advantage Latex Free External Catheter. Another type of external catheter that is very popular is the Texas Catheter. The Texas Catheter is very soft and flexible, offering a high degree of comfort for men. Some examples of Texas Catheters include the Rusch Texas Catheter or the Kendall Texas Catheter.

Bard Dispoz-A-Bag Urine Leg Bag

A tube attached to the external catheter directs urine to a collection bag. These urine bags are often strapped to the upper part of the leg and are therefore are often referred to as urine leg bags. A vinyl best-selling leg bag is the Bard Dispoz-a-Bag. The Dispoz-a-Bag comes with many options, including sizes of 9, 19 and 32 ounce capacity, bottom cap, Flip-Flo valve, drainage tube, extension tube, latex leg straps, fabric leg straps and even a Bonus Pack selection. Prices start at $3.43. A new leg bag holder is available for securing leg bags to the upper thigh that are very secure. This leg bag holder is called the Spandex Leg Bag Holder by Bard. Some men prefer the security of the Spandex over leg bag straps, particularly for highly active men engaged in sports activities. At night, when there is less urine flow, the urine is collected in a Bedside Drainage Bag or Bedside Urine Bottle. The bedside urine bottle is washable and reusable saving you money.

Rusch Urine Collection Bag

Male Incontinence Clamps

Incontinence Clamps come is a variety styles but have the same function–control urine flow. Constructed of plastic, foam and sometimes metal, Penile Clamps prevent urine leakage by applying light pressure. These clamps do not require surgery or intrusive chemicals and are external the body. An Incontinence Clamp is placed around the penis, interrupting the flow of urine through the urethra. Pressure is placed on the bottom and top of the penis so that the blood vessels on the sides of the penis are not blocked. The leading incontinence clamp is manufactured by Bard and is called the Cunningham Clamp. It sells for $34.50 each.

Male Drip Collectors or Incontinence Pouch

A male incontinence pouch comes in basically two types. One type is placed on the penis to collect seeping urine into a soft absorbent material. The outer layer is moisture proof keeping Turing from leaking unto your trousers. And example of this type of urine drip collector is the Mentor Male Absorbent Pouch. The second type is similar to the first but also employs a compression device to help cut-off the flow of urine. The ActiCuf Male Dribbling Pouch is the most popular male incontinence pouch on the market and sells for $5.00 each.

Incontinence Briefs or Boxer Shorts

Dignity Mens Boxer Shorts for Male Incontinence

Discreet protection can be found in Incontinence Briefs that look and feel like underwear and are also available in boxer shorts also look and feel like regular boxer shorts. No one would suspect you were wearing a protective garment that can accommodate many types of absorbent pads. The Dignity Men’s Boxer Shorts are available in medium, large and xLarge waist sizes of 34 to 44 inches. Another option is the Uro Concepts Better Pant which is both a re-usable brief and convenient comfortable leg bag holder. For heavy incontinence, the HealthDri Men’s Brief is available in waist sizes 38 to 48 Inches.

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