Achieving More Mobility

Many people, both old and young, have mobility issues. If you have mobility problems, choosing the right mobility item is important. Most people have their first experience with their mobility device in the hospital. But here is some of the information about common kinds of mobility devices:

  • Cane – This is one of the most common kinds of mobility devices available. They come in different heights and they come in straight canes and in the 4-piont, quad cane style. This latter style comes with four feet on the bottom instead of just one and it is sturdier than the straight cane. Canes also come with a regular or an offset handle.
  • Walker – When most people think of a walker, they usually think of the walker that has wheels and gliders. But walkers have changed. One of the most popular walkers is the one that is known as the knee walker. This kind of walker allows a person who has an injured leg to get around without having to worry about slipping because they are not comfortable using crutches.

Another thing that’s important to have when it comes to mobility devices are accessories. These are things such as cane tips to help walking on ice or other surfaces. These kinds of accessories can help your life be safer and can also make life much easier. They are also something that you may need once you have had your mobility device for a while to replace things that have worn out on your cane or your walker.

Knowing what kind of mobility device is right for you will depend on your situation and what kind of injury or condition you have.  Your doctor and your therapist will give you suggestions on what kind of mobility device is best for you.

When you have your mobility device, you will want to find out what kinds of accessories will work well with you. Then you will be able to get started with your new life and adjusting to your situation.


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