Oxygen Concentrator – How it Works

Whenever anesthetic is needed, either as a supplement or for resuscitation purposes, it becomes necessary that the source of oxygen for such action be reliable. Traditionally, the needed oxygen was provided through cylinders which are becoming obsolete mainly due to their being bulky and very expensive. An oxygen concentrator has taken their place.

These oxygen concentrators are not only used during anesthetics but also used at home by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema patients to effectively carry out their oxygen therapy treatment. With the concentrated oxygen from these devices, the patient is sure of getting the right does of oxygen that his or her body needs for proper functioning.

John Bunn Optium Oxygen Concentrator

How the oxygen concentrator works

Although the oxygen concentrator’s functions are advanced, it can easily be understood. As soon as a concentrator is turned on, it proceeds with air absorption. It may interest you to know that the standard air is made up of 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. What the oxygen concentrator does when it absorbs this standard air is to force them into the aluminum silicate-containing compartments within the device. This substance then helps to filter some of the 80% nitrogen from the air, making it at 85%-95% oxygen. Then the pure oxygen air is delivered by the concentrator to be used by the patient.

There are several designs of oxygen concentrators today which include but not limited to John Bunn Optium Oxygen Concentrator. This particular concentrator is designed to deliver low maintenance but high performance oxygen to the user. It is designed as a patient and care giver friendly device. It is a compact and light weight device that is easily moved around and conveniently stored.

Another concentrator worth mentioning is the Respironics Millennium M10. With this particular oxygen concentrator, oxygen is delivered to the patient at up to 10 liters per minute and is especially beneficial to those patients who need more than the normal dose of 5 liters per minute. Most of all, unlike some other concentrators, this particular concentrator has fewer parts and a high level of reliability. It is also very affordable.

The last but not the least on the list of concentrators is the Sequal Integra 10 which is known to be a favorite among caregivers and patients alike. It has proven to be more efficient and less vulnerable to faults. Its unique feature is in the Advanced Technology Fractionator which eliminated the use of hundreds of parts making the device less vulnerable to wear, maintenance free, and self cleaning.





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  1. The health industry has done something right with oxygen concentrators. They have changed so many lives. The fact that they are becoming so portable is amazing and now you can actually travel with them and take them on planes because they have been allowed for use.

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