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Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Giving gifts is a long time tradition of mankind. It is natural trait for us to send gifts to our beloved, whether family, friends, or co-workers. Often, when we choose gifts, we consider the personality of the recipients and what they need, which they do not have yet.

Roho Cushion

As we age, the presents we give to people change. Of course, it would be best to give age-appropriate gifts no matter the occasions. The elderly people for example, have different needs than the adults. It makes us happy knowing that our gifts are appreciated and beneficial. So, what could be the best gifts for the elderly?

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Most elderly people have special needs based on their conditions. Because their bodies are not as vital as their youth years, they may need support or petty accessories that can make their lives easier and comfortable. Here are few of elderly gifts to consider:

  • Roho cushion. This type of cushion is unique. It is used for wheelchairs. It has single compartment, but it makes sitting on a wheelchair very comfortable. This cushion is highly recommended for high risk elderly. It comes in 4 inches with air cells that are interconnected, making it adjustable and slow to deform.
  • Over bed table. Another good idea for elderly gifts is the over bed table. There are several types of over bed table. The best one, however, is automatic because its height can be adjusted within the elderly’s reach. It is convenient for eating, writing, or reading.
  • Special socks. Specialized socks are also great gift ideas. These socks have non-slip feature. They have treads made of high quality combination of stretch yarns and acrylic to make the soles of the elderly warm and comfortable. Whether the elderly is a recovering patient or healthy, non-slip socks are among the best gifts for the elderly.
  • Bed rail. If safety is your concern, the bed rail is an excellent choice. These rails are installed beside the bed of the elderly to protect them from falling and provide handrail assistance when they want to get up.

Other perfect gift ideas include a reacher that acts like a cane but is used to reach objects, walker with headlights, talking alarm clock, picture-dial phone, personal sound amplifier headset, arising canes, and food and beverage warmers.



Hospital Socks for Home

Keeping feet warm is very important, particularly for kids who can easily get chilly in cool weather or for older adults and elders who need Slipper Socks to ensure that their feet are warm and cozy.

It’s a good thing that Vitality Medical has a line of non skid socks and hospital socks that can be purchased and used at home.

As the name suggests, no slip socks differ from regular socks in the sense that they have specialized traction patterns that cause friction between the specialized soles and the floor thus preventing slips and accidents.

These non skid socks are made in different ways. Some have a special weave technique while others are dipped in solutions to counter the slipper effect that socks are prone to.

With Vitality Medical, the slipper socks have a non-skid tread on the sole of the sock. These patterned treads ensure that the user will not have to worry about slipping even when walking on very smooth surfaces like wooden or tiled floors.

Aside from avoiding accidents and injuries, Vitality Medical hospital socks also provide warmth because they are made from durable stretch yarns and soft terry construction. This is perfect for those who are generally confined to home rest or are just staying at home during the winter.

There are various types and styles of Non-Slip Socks available on the market today. But when it comes to slipper socks which you can enjoy and use at home, Vitality Medical carries a line of no slip Care Steps Socks that would do the trick.

Manufactured by AlbaHealth, the Vitality Medical Care Step Socks are machine wash-friendly and comfortable to use.

Non skid socks are available in adult size and child size footwear. They also come in a range of colors, with yellow or moss green for children-sized footwear and blue, beige, gray, or green for adult sizes.


Buyers Guide to Buying Bariatric Equipment

Due to the rise in obesity, there is an urgent need for Bariatric equipment. This is aimed towards giving obese people as much support as possible. Based on this premise, lots of products have been produced by reliable manufacturers towards making life more comfortable for the obese. We shall start by analyzing these products one after the other.

First on the list is Bariatric Bathroom Assist products . These particular bariatric products are developed in a way that they can conveniently adapt to extra weight. Most of them come as extra wide and best of all is that they are made with strong steel so that the support provided to the user is one that is nothing short of stable. The Bariatric Shower Chair comes extra wide and there are models which are specially made to carry weights from 500lbs upwards. In order to prevent any case of accident slips, the shower chairs are designed with drainage holes.

Next on the list is Bariatric Beds. Just like the bathroom assist products, these beds are reliable and strong. They are designed to carry weights that ordinary or standard beds cannot carry: some can hold up to 1000 lbs. Not only this, but with the use of these bariatric beds, wider and more comfortable sleeping spaces are provided. There is a wide range of styles for you to chose from, all thanks to thoughtful manufacturers. It is not only the beds that are designed this way; Bariatric Mattresses exist which are designed to rotate the amount of pressure that the user’s body receives and results in little or no bed sores. Also, there are Bariatric Sheets to complement the beds and mattresses.

KCI Bariatric Bed

We cannot forget the Walkers, Rollators and Crutches which are designed to help obese people with mobility. The Bariatric Scooters and Wheelchairs are also available to provide that much needed mobility for obese people who are confined to wheelchairs. There are accessories in stock also for all the Bariatric equipment you desire to purchase either for yourself or a loved one.

Bariatric options exist in a variety of products. With a little research, it is not hard to find the right product for every person, of any size.


What is the Difference Between a Foley and Intermittent Catheter?

Catheters are medical tubes which are designed with rubber, vinyl, silicone or thin plastic for the purpose of removal or delivery of fluids to the body. The term, catheterization refers to the process of inserting catheter into the body. We have the Suction Catheters which includes trachea catheters, bronchial catheters, and oral catheters, as well as, the Urinary Catheters which includes Touchless catheters, Intermittent catheters, Foley catheters and External Catheters.

Foley Catheter

Mainly due to the fact that there are various types of Urinary Catheters, it becomes necessary to know the difference between some of them. This brings us to the difference between a Foley and intermittent catheter. The Foley Catheter is a catheter that is uniquely tipped and attached with a balloon device. This balloon device is mainly for the purpose of keeping the catheter in place while it is inserted within the patient’s bladder and is mostly used for longer periods.

There are various types of Foley Catheter but we shall discuss the Bardex I.C. Silver coated latex Foley catheter. This particular Foley catheter is designed with silver and hydrogel coating and several studies have proven it to be very effective in the reduction of cases of NUTI in patients that are being catheterized. The combination of the mentioned materials makes it easier for the catheter to be inserted within the patient’s urinary bladder without any discomfort.

Intermittent Catheter

Intermittent Catheters are a type of catheter that is used for immediate removal of urinary fluid. When they are inserted internally, into the patient’s body, they function by draining the urine from the urinary bladder into a drainage bag or a urine leg bag. When it comes to the intermittent catheters, we have various types including the Robinson catheter clear vinyl catheter. This type of intermittent catheter is stiffer than the other catheters, especially those that are made with latex. This makes it easier for the catheter to be inserted.

It would also interest you to know that in the process of the inserting the internal or intermittent catheters, catheter lubricants are used to reduce friction during insertion.


How to Choose the Right Compression Product – Pumps, Bandages, and Hosiery

Lymphedema is a disease that causes swelling and venous skin ulcers. The effective handling of venous leg ulcers is one that has always been highlighted in the list of the clinical problems. Not only this, it also has the reputation of draining the sufferer and his or her loved ones of their financial resources.

Several studies have confirmed that through the proper application of graduated compressions, the healing of the ulcers can be greatly induced. There are so many compression products the question is how to choose the right one.

Compression Hosiery

Compression Hosiery

The first option is compress ion support hosieries/stockingsAnti-embolism stockings, also known as, compression stockings are mostly useful when it comes to treating cases of venous medical issues. Through the pressure asserted by these stockings, blood clogging within the legs is averted. Pooling of blood within the legs of the user which may lead to venous thrombosis is prevented.

You can choose the right compression stockings by first taking accurate measurement of your legs to know the particular size of stockings to purchase. Style of the stockings is another area that would help you to choose a better fit. If your size is not available in thigh length sizes, there are also knee length sizes that can be used.

Compression Pump

Compression Pump

Compression pumps are the next option, which have been used in many instances to relieve patients of the pains that are experienced as a result of lymphedema. This compression product is convenient to use, but it should be prescribed by a physician.

The reason is based on the fact that it takes proper diagnosis to determine the type of compression product that will suit your medical condition. It is only a physician that is qualified to carry out such diagnosis.

When making a purchase of a compression pump, it is necessary that you also purchase lymphedema sleeves to go with it. There are varies types of sleeves: some compress the whole area gradually, while others compress one compartment at a time. Finding the right sleeve is a matter of preference.

Swelling can be managed effectively with the right combination of treatments. Speak with your doctor to see if compression treatment is right for you.


Sequal Integra 10

Does the name, Sequal Integra 10 ring a bell? If not, then this is the opportunity to inform you about this machine. The Sequal Integra 10 is an oxygen concentrator that is built with high oxygen output mechanism. It is mostly used for the purpose of providing pure oxygen to oxygen therapy patients.

There are several features that make the Sequal Integra 10 a unique oxygen concentrator. First, is the fact that it has 10 liter oxygen storage capacity unlike most other concentrators with not more than 5 liters storage capacities. This bring up the question: why then would any one want to settle for something less?

This home oxygen concentrator also comes fitted with a “zero clearance” air intake which is strategically located at the top of the concentrator. This ensures that even though the oxygen machine may be pushed against draperies or walls, there won’t be any case of overheating.

Sequal Integra 10

Then, to ensure that you have a firm grip of this unique oxygen concentrator and are comfortable carrying it, the handle is ergonomically designed. Whether it is to be used at care giving facilities or at home, there are many more features that make this machine different from the others. Everything about the Sequal Integra 10 is designed for ease. In order to make storage and transportation of the machine simpler and easier, a holder was designed to hold the Velcro power cord in place.

Another unique feature of the Sequal Integra 10 is the DISS fitting cabinet, which is designed to contain extra large humidifiers. Also, the rear wheels of the oxygen concentrator are fitted with brakes that make stability a possibility.

Another helpful feature is the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF). The ATF eliminated the need for various troublesome parts. This means that your Sequal Integra 10 comes fitted with a mechanically integrated module making the machine less prone to wear, self cleaning and maintenance free.

The Sequal Integra 10 has no solenoid valves which can be prone to failure, no electronics for the purpose of valve sequencing and also, it has no pressure reducing regulator.

This machine carries out its functions on steady low pressure that is in tune with the compressor. The use of modest finger touch controls on the LCD flow indicator is a welcome idea when compared to the traditional buttons, dials and knobs that are found on other oxygen concentrators. The flat surface of the control panel makes it easy to be cleaned without tampering with the settings, unlike knobs, dials and buttons.

How to Prevent Bed Sores

Are you among those people who are completely immobile as a result of age, medical conditions or injuries sustained as a result of an accident? If your answer is yes, then it is necessary that you or your caregiver know how to prevent bed sores.

Since your immobility could be long term, the decision concerning the type of long term care bed you will use and other factors will help prevent suffering from bed sores which are associated with extended confinement to bed.

First, you should know that bed sores are those pressure sores that spring up on various parts of your body as a result of that area of the skin being subjected to stress through extended periods of immobility and minimal repositioning.

Being confined to a bed is not something that does not need further complication by allowing cases of bed sores to arise. The following tips on how to prevent bed sores are geared towards helping you suffer from little or no bed sores while confined to your bed. They are:


While confined to a bed, it is necessary that you don’t stay in a particular position for a long period. This is where the Alpha II Long Term Care Bed comes in. With this type of LTC full electric bed that is fitted with multiple positioning functions, it is goodbye to bed sores.

It has a function that positions it in a recliner style and another that positions it in the lounge chair style which helps you to achieve comfort while resting in different positions. The low height makes it convenient for your caregiver to give you all the due attention you deserve.


Inspections should be carried out frequently to determine those areas of the body that comes frequently in contact with the bed and the patient’s position changed regularly to avoid the break out of any bed sores.

This particular tip on how to prevent bed sores is easier to follow when long term care beds like the Zenith Z3 is used. This type of bed is designed to make it convenient for caregivers to conveniently inspect and adjust a patient’s position without the risk of suffering injuries, either by the caregivers or the patient.


If as a bed ridden patient you are placed on good nutritional diet, it goes a long way to prevent or minimize chances of development of bed sores. With this and the right long term care bed, you stand the chance of recovering from your medical condition without experiencing any form of bed sores.

With these few tips on how to prevent bed sores, you are sure to forestall any break out of bed sores both for yourself and your loved ones, especially if on long term care.