Sequal Integra 10

Does the name, Sequal Integra 10 ring a bell? If not, then this is the opportunity to inform you about this machine. The Sequal Integra 10 is an oxygen concentrator that is built with high oxygen output mechanism. It is mostly used for the purpose of providing pure oxygen to oxygen therapy patients.

There are several features that make the Sequal Integra 10 a unique oxygen concentrator. First, is the fact that it has 10 liter oxygen storage capacity unlike most other concentrators with not more than 5 liters storage capacities. This bring up the question: why then would any one want to settle for something less?

This home oxygen concentrator also comes fitted with a “zero clearance” air intake which is strategically located at the top of the concentrator. This ensures that even though the oxygen machine may be pushed against draperies or walls, there won’t be any case of overheating.

Sequal Integra 10

Then, to ensure that you have a firm grip of this unique oxygen concentrator and are comfortable carrying it, the handle is ergonomically designed. Whether it is to be used at care giving facilities or at home, there are many more features that make this machine different from the others. Everything about the Sequal Integra 10 is designed for ease. In order to make storage and transportation of the machine simpler and easier, a holder was designed to hold the Velcro power cord in place.

Another unique feature of the Sequal Integra 10 is the DISS fitting cabinet, which is designed to contain extra large humidifiers. Also, the rear wheels of the oxygen concentrator are fitted with brakes that make stability a possibility.

Another helpful feature is the Advanced Technology Fractionator (ATF). The ATF eliminated the need for various troublesome parts. This means that your Sequal Integra 10 comes fitted with a mechanically integrated module making the machine less prone to wear, self cleaning and maintenance free.

The Sequal Integra 10 has no solenoid valves which can be prone to failure, no electronics for the purpose of valve sequencing and also, it has no pressure reducing regulator.

This machine carries out its functions on steady low pressure that is in tune with the compressor. The use of modest finger touch controls on the LCD flow indicator is a welcome idea when compared to the traditional buttons, dials and knobs that are found on other oxygen concentrators. The flat surface of the control panel makes it easy to be cleaned without tampering with the settings, unlike knobs, dials and buttons.


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