Buyers Guide to Buying Bariatric Equipment

Due to the rise in obesity, there is an urgent need for Bariatric equipment. This is aimed towards giving obese people as much support as possible. Based on this premise, lots of products have been produced by reliable manufacturers towards making life more comfortable for the obese. We shall start by analyzing these products one after the other.

First on the list is Bariatric Bathroom Assist products . These particular bariatric products are developed in a way that they can conveniently adapt to extra weight. Most of them come as extra wide and best of all is that they are made with strong steel so that the support provided to the user is one that is nothing short of stable. The Bariatric Shower Chair comes extra wide and there are models which are specially made to carry weights from 500lbs upwards. In order to prevent any case of accident slips, the shower chairs are designed with drainage holes.

Next on the list is Bariatric Beds. Just like the bathroom assist products, these beds are reliable and strong. They are designed to carry weights that ordinary or standard beds cannot carry: some can hold up to 1000 lbs. Not only this, but with the use of these bariatric beds, wider and more comfortable sleeping spaces are provided. There is a wide range of styles for you to chose from, all thanks to thoughtful manufacturers. It is not only the beds that are designed this way; Bariatric Mattresses exist which are designed to rotate the amount of pressure that the user’s body receives and results in little or no bed sores. Also, there are Bariatric Sheets to complement the beds and mattresses.

KCI Bariatric Bed

We cannot forget the Walkers, Rollators and Crutches which are designed to help obese people with mobility. The Bariatric Scooters and Wheelchairs are also available to provide that much needed mobility for obese people who are confined to wheelchairs. There are accessories in stock also for all the Bariatric equipment you desire to purchase either for yourself or a loved one.

Bariatric options exist in a variety of products. With a little research, it is not hard to find the right product for every person, of any size.



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