Hospital Socks for Home

Keeping feet warm is very important, particularly for kids who can easily get chilly in cool weather or for older adults and elders who need Slipper Socks to ensure that their feet are warm and cozy.

It’s a good thing that Vitality Medical has a line of non skid socks and hospital socks that can be purchased and used at home.

As the name suggests, no slip socks differ from regular socks in the sense that they have specialized traction patterns that cause friction between the specialized soles and the floor thus preventing slips and accidents.

These non skid socks are made in different ways. Some have a special weave technique while others are dipped in solutions to counter the slipper effect that socks are prone to.

With Vitality Medical, the slipper socks have a non-skid tread on the sole of the sock. These patterned treads ensure that the user will not have to worry about slipping even when walking on very smooth surfaces like wooden or tiled floors.

Aside from avoiding accidents and injuries, Vitality Medical hospital socks also provide warmth because they are made from durable stretch yarns and soft terry construction. This is perfect for those who are generally confined to home rest or are just staying at home during the winter.

There are various types and styles of Non-Slip Socks available on the market today. But when it comes to slipper socks which you can enjoy and use at home, Vitality Medical carries a line of no slip Care Steps Socks that would do the trick.

Manufactured by AlbaHealth, the Vitality Medical Care Step Socks are machine wash-friendly and comfortable to use.

Non skid socks are available in adult size and child size footwear. They also come in a range of colors, with yellow or moss green for children-sized footwear and blue, beige, gray, or green for adult sizes.



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