Why Use a Bath Lift?

Bath lifts are a seating device that helps you get in and out of a bathtub. They are securely fastened on your bathtub to safely lower you down into the water and raise you up again after taking the bath.


How Does a Bath Lift Work?

A Bath Lift is placed in the bathtub. Before it is used, it should be on an upright position on the same level with the top surface of the tub. Of course, the tub is already filled with water. As you sit on the lift, you are instructed (instructions vary according to the manufacturer) to stretch your legs onto the tub. As soon as you are ready, lower yourself down into the water for the bath.

When you are done with the bath, you simply raise the bath lift into its upright position (starting position). Then you can get out from the tub, and let the water out after. The bath lift chair, one of its terms, can be removed if not in use.

Benefits of Bath Tub Lifts

Parents who are already in the old age can take advantage of a Bath Tub Lift to bathe their toddlers. It will be convenient for them to carry their youngsters after the bath without having to bend low over the tub.

Bellavita Bath Lift

If you have a physical disability or problem in mobility, or any member of your family is suffering from it, using a bath lift chair is very convenient as you can have the freedom to take a bath yourself without the aid of another person.

Among caregivers, the bath lifts are a very helpful Bathroom Aid, because it can be strenuous to carry their elderly patients in taking a bath. Frequent bending over to put in and take out the patients can cause serious back problems and pain. It also protects them from slipping over in carrying out the patients.






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  1. Bath Lift is practical and suitable for many people

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