Barrier Cream Comparison

A barrier cream is a type of skin care product used especially on hands to protect them from harmful irritants or chemicals. The hands are the parts of the skin mostly exposed to allergens, contaminants, germs, and dirt. Although the skin has its own defense against the environmental hazards, it is also vulnerable particularly if you frequently wash your hand. Constant washing of hands can dissolve skin’s natural barrier.

Baza Skin Cream

What is a Barrier Cream?

Barrier creams act like an invisible barrier to defend your hands from harmful chemicals and irritants. It can also help avoid further damage if your hands are already affected. When applied to your hand, the skin barrier cream is likened to gloves, albeit, invisible. It quickly dries and guards your hands while handling water and compounds that are solvent-based and which can cause skin chapping or cracking, and sometimes, bleeding. The Barrier Cream is neither greasy nor slippery. Some barrier creams have formula for soothing skin. It is highly recommended for workers to protect their hands from contracting dermatitis, inflammation, and other infections.

3M Cavilon Barrier Cream

Comparison of Skin Barrier Creams

Although generally, barrier creams are designed to protect hands and skin from infection and irritants, there are creams, which are specialized for certain people based on their career. Three brands of barrier creams that have good reviews are the following:

  • Wonder Glove. This barrier cream is especially recommended for people who work in the medical fields like dentists, nurses, doctors, laboratory and medical staff, and hygienists. It is formulate with anti-microbial agents to sanitize your skin while protecting your hands while wearing gloves. It can also reduce the effects of wearing gloves.
  • Neway’s. Neway’s Barrier Creams are for everyday use for the general public. They do not contain oil, silicone, or lanolin. They do not have any perfume at all. Neway’s can also protect your hands from pollutants, solar radiation, and too much cold or heat.
  • DCP. For construction workers, DCP’s barrier creams are greaseless and do not contain silicone. They have soothing formula to help heal the hands, while enabling your skin to breathe.



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