How Does an External Catheter Work?

There are times when men or women have incontinence problems or have undergone a surgical procedure. At which circumstance, urination can be difficult From time to time, we all excrete wastes including urine. External catheters are a device attached to the genital to collect urine. Catheters vary based on sizes and gender, albeit there are catheters that can be used for men and women.

Mentor Freedom Cath

Types of Catheters

There is a corresponding external catheter for both sexes. These are the male external catheter and female external catheter.

  • Male External Catheter. A male external catheter is a sheath in rubber material. It is attached over a penis to empty the urine. Some catheters take the form or shape of a condom, like the Texas catheter. At the tip of the catheter has a tube attached to another tube, which leads to the collection bag. There are also catheters that use Velcro attachments. Others use a special type of tape to fasten the sheath around the penis base. The external catheter for men is attached to a tube made of plastic, which leads to a bag. The bag stores the urine until emptied. Another term for catheters is freedom cath because it enables a man to urinate without the trouble of getting up. Men who suffer from incontinence can seek comfort from using a male external catheter.
  • Female external catheter. The catheter used for female takes the form of a tube which is tucked into the opening of urethra, the urethral meatus. Mostly, women use catheters to empty urine especially if they had sedation for surgical operation or to determine the conditions of the bladder through injecting some fluids into it.

Wide Band Self Adhering Catheter

The female catheter has two types of collection bags. One type of a drainage bag is large and which can hang under the bed of the patient for overnight use. The other type is known as the leg bag because it is connected to a leg, which makes the whole device discreet.



One response to “How Does an External Catheter Work?

  1. Thank you for writing this useful post about External Catheter.
    And I would like to say, Internal catheter is a tube that can be inserted into a body cavity. but External Catheter can work outside from body.

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