Vacuum Devices for Ed

One of the common sexual disorders in men is the Erectile Dysfunction, which characterizes the inability of a man to procure or sustain erection or stiffness of a penis, and therefore, fail to engage in sexual intercourses.

Mostly in the past, the treatments available for erectile dysfunction were limited to pills and surgery. Both treatments are not free from side-effects, pain and health risks. Pills and other medication therapies may contain chemicals that may be harmful to men’s health. Meanwhile, surgeries expose men in dangers of complication or infection during and after surgery. Amidst these risks that men have to gamble, the sought-after results are not guaranteed.

Timm Osbon

New Hope 

A Penis Pump treats the erectile dysfunction. Instead of chemicals from pills and health risks from surgery, the erectile dysfunction pump—another of its name—uses vacuum.

A penis pump comes with a tube in plastic material, a pump, and a band. The plastic tube is used over the penis, and attached to such tube is the pump. The band is used around the penis base once it achieves an erection. The ED Pump is also known as Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump. It can be availed either using a battery or manual operation.

Today, even medical doctors recommend the use of a penis pump to treat erectile dysfunction, for a few reasons:

  1. Efficiency. When used regularly and correctly, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can achieve erection.
  2. Less risks. Unlike medications and surgeries, the use of an ed pump poses fewer risks.
  3. Cost efficiency. Medications including the ones that are inserted through the penis tip and the penile injections are not only expensive, but also painful. And even after spending a fortune and enduring terrible pain, there is a lesser guarantee of positive results. However, with an erectile dysfunction pump, there are no succeeding expenses (like maintenance) while on treatment, except maybe if the penis pump itself is destroyed, which is also unlikely.
  4. Non-invasiveness. An erectile dysfunction vacuum pump does not use or require surgery, penile injections, and insertion of a medication on a penis tip.
  5. May counter other sexual effects as a result of a medical or health condition. The ed pump is also effective for men who have had a prostate surgery and or radiation therapy as treatment for prostate cancer. With regular and proper use, men can gain back their erection.



2 responses to “Vacuum Devices for Ed

  1. imotance or erectile disorder is became a common problem these days.your article is very much informativve and helpfull.thanks

  2. Kamagra Jellies are great for men that have difficulty taking tablets, and there are some other Kamagra alternatives for men to try like Kamagra Soft Tabs and Effervescent Kamagra (soluble). Goes to show that men have every option available in battling with Erectile Dysfunction.

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