Benefits of Collagen Dressing

Collagen dressing is a classification of wound dressing obtained from collagen. Its purpose is to help the body in healing. Collagen is familiar to the human body as it is structural proteins commonly found in connective tissues.

When collagen is used to dress the wounds, the body’s collagen supply does not degenerate from strenuous activities of enzymes. In such case, the human body has the needed building materials for damage repair.

Fiberacole Plus Collagen Wound Dressing

How Collagen Dressing Helps

When a wound is given any other dressing except collagen, the body’s natural enzymes, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) will break down the damaged collagen so they will not be utilized for building the frames for growth of new tissues. However, due to the excessive production of the MMPs, which also break down even the healthy collagen, the wound becomes chronic.

Collagen dressings distract the MMPs from breaking down the healthy collagen with the additional collagen from dressings. Thus, the body’s healthy collagens are protected for more important chemical tasks.

Additional Benefits of Collagen Dressings

Collagen Dressing has other benefits. The most significant are:

  1. Collagen from dressing absorbs the fluids.
  2. It maintains the wound bed moist.
  3. It acts as a barrier from external infection.
  4. Collagen Dressings do not cling to the new tissues forming from the wounds. Hence, the collagen neither damages the tissue nor leaves behind fragments of fibers when new wound dressing is placed.
  5. Using a collagen dressing can also accelerate the creation of fibroblast cells, which are essential in producing collagen and extra-cellular structures. The collagen dressings also draw the existing fibroblasts in the body towards the wound.

Sources of Collagen for Wound Dressings

The sources for collagen vary. But mostly, they are derived from animal sources such as pigs, horses, birds, and cows. The collaged extracted from these sources undergoes a purification process to fit for medical uses. Some forms of collagen dressing are sheets, pastes, ropes, and rectangular blocks. They all have non-stick membranes at the back.



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