What is an Oxygen Bar?

Gone were the days when the word bar was defined as an establishment selling alcoholic drinks. Today you won’t just find liquids at a bar; you just might find an oxygen bar! Yes, an oxygen bar is technically an establishment that sells oxygen with different scents. They say that inhaling this will give anyone a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Most oxygen bars would use aromatic oils as scents for their oils, but now, some bard use food grade products to provide guests with a wider selection of scents to choose from.

Oxygen Bar Turbo Rejuvenating by Zadro

Oxygen Bar Turbo

Your Very Own Personal Oxygen Bar

What is better than getting your very own personal oxygen bar in the comfort of your own home?  So what’s so special about an oxygen bar when you can simply inhale the air around you for oxygen? Here are some of the benefits of inhaling air from a portable oxygen bar:

  • Oxygen bars provide 90-99% pure oxygen, free from all types of bacteria, dirt and pollution
  • Aromatherapy helps clear the mind, heightens awareness, and even reduces the onset of migraine and headaches
  • It helps soothes the mind and stabilizes the nervous system
  • Proven to have a special anti aging effect on people
  • Helps detoxify blood and strengthen the immune system

Know that you know all the benefits from inhaling air from an oxygen bar, why not get one now?

Personal Oxygen Bar with Tranquil Sounds by Zadro

Personal Oxygen Bar

Buying an oxygen bar

Buying an oxygen bar does not necessarily mean buying a whole bar and getting all the equipment. You can simply get a small portable oxygen bar like the Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar Turbo Oxygen Concentrator by Zadro. It comes with a headset and ear buds and provides the best experience since you can actually listen to music with the product’s ear buds while inhaling oxygen infused with aromatic oils.

This is definitely one of the better personal oxygen bars out in the market!


One response to “What is an Oxygen Bar?

  1. Simon Phillips

    It is interesting to see more and more people opening up to oxygen bars. Obviously oxygen is important but many people don’t realize just how many people might be suffering from an oxygen related disease or problem. Technology has made so many improvements to the oxygen concentrator that it is so much easier to take oxygen wherever you need. If you go to http://www.oxygenconcentratorstore.com/portable-oxygen-concentrators you will see many of the new and incredible oxygen machines that there are out today.

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