Bed Rails for the Elderly

We all know that just like children, our elders need all the love, attention, and care that we can give them. At night when everyone is fast asleep, we tend to forget that the elderly especially those sleeping in high beds, have dangers of falling over during their sleep, so one of the best ways to avoid this is to install bed side rails.

Bed rails for the elderly are used both as a support and as a safety device. The bed rails are used to support elders, to help them sit and stand upright as they stay beside their beds. It is also used as a safety feature to avoid the elders from falling off of the bed during their sleep.

Hospital Bed Rail Invacare

Hospital Bed Rail

How to pick bed side rails for seniors:

Getting your bed side rails installed is the easy part; the hard part comes in picking which one to get. Here are some things to remember when picking bed rails.

Bed Size matters – When buying your bed rails, always make sure that you emphasize to the sales person whether you’re using a king, a queen, or a single bed. The length of the bed is also important so that you know which bed rails are suitable for your bed.

Easy to use – Try getting the collapsible rails which are similar to the hospital bed rails. They make it easier to transfer the patient from one bed to another and can easily be lowered down in case the patient wants to get out of the bed.

Bed Handles Adjustable Bedside Rail.

Bed rail length – When buying, you will encounter three types of bed rails: the full bed rails, the half bed rails, and the short bed rails. The bed rail length must match with the size of your bed.

And last but not the least, these bed rails should also be installed correctly for it to serve its purpose properly and for it to last longer.

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