Why Buy a Hospital Bed Instead of Renting One

There are several reasons why at one time or the other, you or your loved one may need a hospital bed. If you need a hospital bed, the option of whether to buy or rent one usually comes up. Buying a hospital bed is not a bad idea, neither is renting one. However, there are several factors in determining whether it would be better to buy a hospital bed or to rent one.

Invacare Low Bed

You may want to rent if the need for such bed is not extended for a brief period of 1 to 2 months. But when the bed is needed for an extended period of time, it becomes most cost effective to buy a long term care bed instead. There are several advantages when you buy your own hospital bed instead of renting it. The benefits include but not limited to the following:

You Get a Brand New Bed

Sadly, when you rent a hospital bed, there is every possibility that it is not new making it prone to faults and breakdown, especially when it is the full electric bed. These beds have motors and other mechanical parts that wear-out. This is not the case when you purchase your own bed, since it will surely come with a warranty. Most of all, when you purchase a new bed, you can choose the latest and greatest brands with the newest technologies, instead of getting whatever is available.

Heavy Duty Full Electric Bed


When you buy a hospital bed, whether it is the low hospital bed or the manual hospital bed, you end up saving a good deal of money when compared to what you would have spent renting one. You can start by multiplying the rental rate of $200 to $300 times 12 months of the year and compare the result to the price of purchasing a manual hospital bed at less than $600 or the semi electric bed at less than $500.00. You can also buy brand new mattresses for as low as $130.00 for the beds.

With that line of reasoning, it seems impractical to rent a hospital bed for any length of time. Buying your hospital bed seems the viable long-term option solution.





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