Coccyx vs. Doughnut Cushions

One way to treat certain body ailments or injuries is by using an orthopedic pillow. There are so many types of orthopedic pillows in the market, each with a different purpose, which can ensure temporary relief from cramped legs, neck pain, or sore arms.

Some people suffer from coccydynia or tailbone injury. It may sound a bit unfamiliar, but to those who experience it, this type of injury can be very painful and can cause extreme soreness and discomfort. There are two types of orthopedic pillows used to treat coccydynia: the coccyx cushion and the doughnut pillow.

Body Sport Donut Cushion

Doughnut Ring Cushion

Both are said to relieve the patient of pain caused by coccydynia, but between the two orthopedic cushions, which one proves to be more effective?

The Coccyx Cushion

Coccyx cushions are said to relieve pain from your coccyx by easing the pain from the lower spinal discs and also prevents back pain. These pillows are mostly used as Coccyx Seat Cushions and are installed in seats at home and are also used while driving the car. There are a lot of Coccyx Cushions available in the market such as the memory foam coccyx cushions, the gel Coccyx Cushions and the air coccyx cushion.

Coccyx Seat Cushion

The Doughnut Cushion

Doughnut Cushions or the Ring Cushions are actually considered by some as another form of the Coccyx cushion, only it is in a shape of a ring or a donut. The donut pillow serves the same purpose as the other coccyx cushion; it relieves stress from the tailbone and is necessary especially when you are required to seat down for long periods of time. Since these types of ring cushions are mostly used while sitting down, it is best used by people who suffer from hemorrhoids, bruising, and enlarged prostates.

Both types of orthopedic pillows are very effective in relieving pain in the coccyx area, it just a matter of which one is more comfortable to use.


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