Cervical Traction Devices

Have you ever experienced severe neck pains and find it hard to look for something to relieve you of throbbing soreness and tenderness?

Neck traction devices also known as a cervical traction unit has been widely used to relieve all sorts of neck pain brought about by the following reasons:

  • Neck stiffness
  • Disc bulge
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Neck muscle spasms
  • Sudden pain experienced in the upper extremity
  • Feeling of tightness in the neck
  • Disc herniation

Although all types of neck traction units are proven to provide relief to the above mentioned ailments there are actually two types of cervical traction devices: the inline device and the other type which requires a door.

Cervical Traction Device

Over The Door Traction Unit

Over the Door Neck Traction Device

The unit which still needs a door when installed is the over door cervical traction device wherein the patient rests his head on a sling while the whole apparatus is hung on one side of the door.

This is the old type wherein there are attached weights usually in the form of water bags to add up to 20 pounds of tension. Although it is not commonly used nowadays as it was before, the over the door neck traction device still provides relief to neck pains when used. This type of traction is not advised for people who experience jaw pain since the sling might only worsen the pain in the jaw.

Pronex Cervical Traction Components

Pronex Inline Cervical Traction

Home Cervical Traction Devices

There are also other types of cervical traction machines, the more common ones you see in the super markets, online, or on the TV shopping channel. These are the home cervical traction devices that can be used at home as you sit and watch your favorite TV show, read your favorite book, or lie down in bed.

These cervical traction devices either rests behind the neck or is wrapped around the neck connected to a pump to provide pressure and tension to the neck. They relieve the tension out and is easy to use at home or at the office.


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