Are all Safety Grab Bars the Same? What Makes Them Different?

Not all grab bars for the disabled are the same. Safety Grab Bars tend to serve the same purpose but they are made to work in different environments and for the comfort level of different people. In general, grab bars are standard for commercial buildings but personal grab bars come with more options. In order to be sturdy enough, all grab bars are between one and one and a half inches in diameter. This gives them a sturdy feel yet makes them easy to grab for most people.

Easy Grab Grab Bars

Easy Mount Grab Bars

Length of Grab Bars

The length of grab bars is between 18 to 48 inches depending on the space where you are trying to put the grab bars. If you are dealing with a smaller space you will want a shorter length where as in commercial sized bathrooms there are often longer bars. Depending on the length, the specifications for how to mount the bars are different. The longer bars may require a secondary anchor in the center of the bar to keep it form bowing.

Finishes and Colors

If you are putting a grab bar in your home you may want to match the color of the area. In commercial bathrooms, grab bars are usually just steel but you can get them in a variety of colors. This can make them match the tile or the wall in your home so they don’t stick out as much. You can also get various finishes on the bars. Slip-resistant surfaces are preferred for the Bathroom Grab Bars and other areas that are likely to get wet. You should try out the finish on your hand first because if you have more delicate skin, rough bars can cause damage.

Quick Suction Bathroom Grab Bar

Quick Suction Rail by Drive

Angled and Shaped Bars

Angled and Shaped Grab Bars allow a person to hold on to the bar consistently. Instead of having to have multiple bars at different levels, you can use an angled bar to go from a seated position to a standing position without ever letting go. Falls often happen when you must balance without holding onto something. The constant contact reduces the opportunity for accident. There are also rounded bars that can be clipped on surfaces like bathtubs. Bathtub Grab Bars give you something to hold onto away from the edge. This can help center you in the bathtub or give you more control over exactly where the bar sits while you are using it, enhancing bathroom safety.

Invisia Grab Bars Accent Ring

Invisia Accent Ring

The grab bars are meant to help with the transfer of patients from place to place. The bars are also used as a way to help older people keep their balance in circumstances that tend to throw you off kilter. Grab bars are an important safety feature, especially for those who are ill or frail. A fall can be much more traumatic, causing additional damage. The use of a grab bar can help prevent broken bones, slips, falls and other injuries that can be difficult to recover from if you are already weakened.


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