How Insulin Pumps Can Simplify Your Life

Insulin pumps helps keep your diabetes under control and help you keep from spiking in your blood sugar levels so that you find yourself constantly adjusting your lifestyle to match your insulin injections and your response to such. The pump is designed to constantly monitor your glucose level and administer varying levels of insulin to keep you in your target range. This even works in your sleep so you don’t wake up with the “diabetic” feeling and the need to alter your blood sugar immediately.

minimed insulin pumps

MiniMed Insulin Pump


One of the biggest advantages of the insulin pump is that you can exercise without having to eat as many carbohydrates. This Diabetes Supply can easily monitor your blood sugar level and keep you in the right range during your workout. It might take a little while to calibrate everything perfectly with your medical team, but once you are dialed in you will be able to exercise as you like.

More Accurate than Injections

With standard injections you are somewhat “guessing” what you need based on your information. The Insulin Pump can deliver small amounts of insulin until you get to where you need to be. This keeps you from overdoing insulin and alleviates the need to correct quickly with food. You have much smaller “sings” so you don’t experience the lag in energy or the mood swings that come with glucose changes. You should be able to avoid sever blood glucose levels entirely with an insulin pump.

Flexibility in your Eating Schedule

You have much more flexibility in your eating schedule with an insulin pump. You have such control over the dosage and the delivery that you can eat when you want to rather than just because you “need” to. This opens up the world of dining out with family and friends as well as allowing you to wait until dinner is ready instead of sneaking off to the kitchen for a snack. You should still try to be consistent but it isn’t as detrimental as it was before the insulin pump.

One Touch Ping Insulin Pump

Ping Glucose Insulin Pump

Disadvantages of Insulin Pumps

There are always a few negatives to go with the positive. You can experience weight gain when you use and insulin pump. Some of it has to do with the leveling out of your blood sugar and some of it has to do with the extra food you can eat. The insulin pump can also be expensive and you may have to spend a day in the hospital or outpatient facility for training. The pump is always hooked up so it is a bit more cumbersome than the injections, but you also don’t have to carry the cool packs with you, so this disadvantage might be considered a wash.

Overall the Insulin Pump tends to make a diabetic’s life easier. You can work with the doctors to truly discover your insulin requirements. In addition you can eat more of what you like and protect your health at the same time. The insulin pump is likely the best way to keep your diabetes under control.


One response to “How Insulin Pumps Can Simplify Your Life

  1. I liked reading about the pumps. My daughter is a type 1 who used to wear a pump but really prefers lantus to pumping. I didnt think about the weight gain but great info. I wrote an article on pumps if your interested.

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