Why Kinesio Tape?

Injuries from sports are something that has plagued athletes for centuries. A common treatment for injuries is to wrap them, constrict them, or wear a brace. Kinesiology Tape was designed to compliment, or in some cases, bypass traditional treatments that can hinder performance.

Kinesio tape has quickly become a favorite athletic tape of physical therapists and professional athletes. Kinesio Tex is a tool for optimal muscular performance, while protecting the muscles from new or further injury.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape Colored Rolls

Kinesiology taping lifts the skin and creates a different type of circulation that is specific to Sports Tapes. It is these circulation benefits that foster healing and protects weak areas. The color variety that is uniquely kinesio is a vibrant distraction from what is, technically, a medical product.

Typical injury taping restricts motion and inhibits athletic activities. All of the colors of Kinesio Sports Tape stretch and conform to the muscle in such a way that it assists the muscles natural resiliency, so that it can recover its natural functionality. With Kinesio athletic tape injury prevention becomes a tool for athletic success, rather than a burden on the athlete.

Kinesio Strips

Pre-Cut Strips of Kinesio Tape

You can purchase pre-cut strips designed for specific purposes or a full roll of your favorite color. There are extensive taping manuals that discuss each application. Shoulders, Knees, the back, and other major muscle groups can be protected, even rejuvenated, with a strategic placing of kinesio tape.

Kinesio tex gold tape is typically used in a clinical setting. Kinesio tex tape has a classic design that is ideal for sports medicine. These tapes can be applied once and left on for up to five days, so adjusting and re-taping is not an issue. Kinesio tex is the tape that athletes wear days after the big game.


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