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Hospital Bed Mattress Buying Guide – A comparison of Mattresses for Hospital Beds

When buying a hospital mattress you may wonder, what type of mattress is best for you? No mattress is perfect for everyone, so what do you buy? How do you decide what is best for your situation? The answers are not as complicated as they seem.

What is the Difference Between Hospital Mattresses?

There are three types of mattress for a hospital bed: foam, innerspring, or circulating air. Foam mattresses are made by a few different manufacturers and some are better than others. Inner spring mattresses are similar to the ones that may be in your bedroom now. Innerspring mattresses are most common on home style beds, so they are what most people are used to. Finally, circulating air mattresses come in either a composite of foam with circulating air or just the air bladders without the presence of foam.

innerspring mattress for hospital beds

Graham Field Innerspring Mattress

What is More Comfortable?

The most comfortable hospital mattress is determined by what you need in a mattress. Everyone is different. Some people prefer a firm sleep surface while others want a very soft cushion. Many styles of foam and some styles of circulating air mattresses are going to be firmer. If you prefer a firm mattress choose a high density foam or a mattress with many layers. If you prefer a mattress with more give, choose an innerspring mattress or a circulation air mattress that has less bladders.

What About Long Term Care?

People who are in bed for extended periods of time are more likely to struggle with bed sores. Alternating pressure mattresses are air mattress for hospital beds, designed specifically to prevent pressure ulcers, also known as, bed sores, because the circulation of the air prevents pressure points from developing. Some air mattress have four bladders while others can have up to thirty bladders. Basically, the more bladders the more circulation that happens. More circulation means less pressure build up, helping to prevent or manage bedsores.

span america pressure guard CFT Mattress

Span America Pressure Guard CFT Air Mattress

Will Hospital Bed Mattresses Work on a Home-style Bed?

Most hospital beds come in one standard size 36 x 80. Most hospital mattresses are only available in this size, so they will not work on a home-style bed that comes in twin, queen, or king sizes.

However, there are some manufacturers that make hospital style mattresses for home style beds. The Span America Pro comes in twin, full, king, and queen, as well as, hospital mattress size.


Hospital mattresses are an item that requires some amount of deliberation. If you don’t know what you want, there are bed packages available that come with economical mattresses. However, if you have any preference, it is best to choose the mattress that is going to work best for you.



What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is the use of tones for therapeutic purposes. Tones have vibrations, these vibrations effect the body by changing its natural frequency. Sound Therapy Machines have been used to improve symptoms associated with depression, grief, and even insomnia.

Personal Oxygen Bar with Tranquil Sounds by Zadro

Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

Sound therapy works by creating a vibration. Sound Therapy vibrations effect the natural frequency of the body and has been shown to change the body’s natural breathing rate. These vibrations can also affect our nervous system and brain patterns. The vibration of sound is said to balance the body’s natural frequencies, supporting relaxation and detoxification.

Tranquil sounds headset

Headset for Tranquil Sounds machine

Sound Machines have proven effective in improving sleep quality, improving the mood of depression sufferers, helping patients cope with long term hospitalization, and having positive impacts on those dealing with grief.

What are the Types of Sound Therapy Products?

Sound therapy has become so prevalent that you can often find soothing sounds incorporated into several products for home use. One common Sound Machine is the Conair Sound Machine which is an alarm clock that emits soothing sounds designed for infants.

Conair Sound Therapy and Relaxation Radio SU7

Conair Sound Therapy Machine

Another option would be the Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar by Zadro. This product combines the benefits of soothing sounds with the benefits of up to 3 liters per minute of oxygen.

Soothing sound machines are designed to slow the breathing and heart rates and create a state of relaxation that is ideal for emotional and physical healing.


Choosing a Urine Bag

Urine bags come in two basic forms: Urinary Drainage Bags and leg Bags. The main difference between them being where they are worn. Urinary drainage bags are urine bags that attach to the bed rail. Leg Bags are worn on the body for use during the day.

What is a Urine Bag

Urine collection bags are the collection systems that connect to an internal or external catheter using drainage tubing. Urine drainage bags can be used just at night for active people or they can be used consistently for non-ambulatory people.

rusch drainage bag

Bedside Drainage Bag

Leg bags are used during the day for mobile individuals. They strap to the leg, just above the ankle using a few different options of leg straps. The universal drainage tubing runs 18 inches from the catheter site to the leg bag, so there is not excess tubing to be concerned with.

How do I Choose a Leg Bag?

Choosing the correct urine bag is as simple as picking the features you like. Leg bags have options to choose from regarding drainage, sampling, and preventing urine spills.

You can pick a leg bag with a flip-flo valve this feature allows you to easily drain your leg bag, simply pop open the top and drain out the excess urine. Some people would prefer a more secure closure at the bottom of the leg bag. That is called a bottom cap. The bottom cap ensures that the Urine Bag will not spill while you are using it.

button straps

Leg Bag with Button Straps

Straps are a feature of a leg bag that is often overlooked. There are latex straps that are flexible and stretch, these typically come with a the drainage bag. There are nylon based straps that connect with a  button, some people like these, because they are lighter weight than the fabric. Fabric straps come with a Velcro closure and are ideal for individuals with latex allergies or who are sensitive to the button design.

How do I choose a Urinary drainage Bag?

Urine drainage bags have features regarding odor control as well as direction of flow. One feature to look for is mono-flo, this means that the urine only flows into the bag and is prevented for spilling back out into the tubing. A similar feature is an anti-reflux valve. These are valves built into the connection that prohibits urine spillage.

Additionally, some drainage bags have features such as infection control. This is a built-in antimicrobial coating that staves off infectious bacteria. This feature is better for your health, but also eliminates the bacterial build-up that causes odor.

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