What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is the use of tones for therapeutic purposes. Tones have vibrations, these vibrations effect the body by changing its natural frequency. Sound Therapy Machines have been used to improve symptoms associated with depression, grief, and even insomnia.

Personal Oxygen Bar with Tranquil Sounds by Zadro

Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar

How Does Sound Therapy Work?

Sound therapy works by creating a vibration. Sound Therapy vibrations effect the natural frequency of the body and has been shown to change the body’s natural breathing rate. These vibrations can also affect our nervous system and brain patterns. The vibration of sound is said to balance the body’s natural frequencies, supporting relaxation and detoxification.

Tranquil sounds headset

Headset for Tranquil Sounds machine

Sound Machines have proven effective in improving sleep quality, improving the mood of depression sufferers, helping patients cope with long term hospitalization, and having positive impacts on those dealing with grief.

What are the Types of Sound Therapy Products?

Sound therapy has become so prevalent that you can often find soothing sounds incorporated into several products for home use. One common Sound Machine is the Conair Sound Machine which is an alarm clock that emits soothing sounds designed for infants.

Conair Sound Therapy and Relaxation Radio SU7

Conair Sound Therapy Machine

Another option would be the Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar by Zadro. This product combines the benefits of soothing sounds with the benefits of up to 3 liters per minute of oxygen.

Soothing sound machines are designed to slow the breathing and heart rates and create a state of relaxation that is ideal for emotional and physical healing.






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  1. It’s great to know about sound therapy. Thank you for creating awareness!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing info about Sound Therapy

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