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Medihoney Dressings are hydrocolloid or alginate dressings that contain medical honey. Honey has been used since ancient civilizations for natural wound healing. Honey has proven effective speeding the healing process for superficial wounds, sunburns. Patients who have used medicinal honey for open wounds, infected wounds, and skin ulcers showed improvement in tissue organization and strength after 14 days of treatment.

Medihoney ointments and dressings have these effects due to an anti-bacterial quality that cleanses and debrises the wound, helping reduce infection and speed healing by promoting a healthy PH balance. Medihoney Wound Gel also acts as a skin barrier, so further skin damage due to moisture is prevented.

Medihoney Gel Ointment Cream Hydrocolloid Paste

Hydrocolloid ointment

Can I use any type of Honey?

However, not all honey is created equal. When using raw honey, you run the risk of infection due to foreign substances that could be introduced to the honey the through pollenization or non-sterile packaging process.  So, for ingestion non-medical honey is fine, but for wound care medicinal honey, such as Medhoney, is preferred.

Types of Medihoney

There are two types of Medihoney currently available: medihoney hydrocolloid dressings and medihoney alginate dressings. Hydrocolloid dressings are available in a Wound Gel or a dressing pad. Hydrocolloid dressings are capable of marinating a moist wound environment, perfect for partial or full thickness wounds (open wounds) that are not expected to quickly heal. Medihoney Hydrocolloid Dressings are absorbers that are capable of handling a moderate wound exudate. These hydrocolloid dressings create a barrier between the wound and the environment, as well as, the skin and the wound. This keeps the skin around the wound unaffected while protecting the wound.

Hydrocolloid dressing

Medihoney Hydrocolloid Dressing

Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressings are highly absorptive dressing that are designed to stay in one piece while saturated, making removal easy. Calcium alginates are ideal for burns, skin ulcers, and donor sites.

Medihoney remains effective up to the date of the dressing change. Though you may need to change the dressing sooner medicinal honey remains effective for up to twenty-five days. Medihoney ointments and dressings are ideal for treating a variety of wounds. A Medihoney Hydrogel dressing is expected to be available this year.



Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen treatment is the use of oxygen for medical purposes. Inhaled oxygen is the most common form of Oxygen Treatments. Inhaled oxygen can come in liquid condensed form or concentrated from the air by way of an oxygen concentrator or oxygen bar.

Measuring Oxygen Levels

When undergoing any oxygen treatment it is important to measure oxygen levels at home. To do this you will need an oximeter. There are portable oximeters that simply grip the finger or there are oximeters that use a finger sensors that plug into a separate display piece.

Measure oxygen levels often when performing activities that may cause oxygen deficiency or respiratory distress.

Oxi-Go Pro Sport Finger Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen Therapy Side Effects

Oxygen therapy can cause headaches, fatigue, and bloody noses, etc. These side effects can each be prevented through a few precautions. Determining the correct liters per minute flow rate can help prevent headaches and fatigue. Using humidification bottles attached to the oxygen tubing helps prevent bloody noses. You can also use a nasal spray specifically designed for oxygen users.

Choosing Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Tubing is typically universal for any oxygen bar or concentrator, however, there is some high flow tubing that can require a X-mas tree adapter to properly fit an oxygen concentrator. High flow oxygen tubing is idea if you are prescribed an oxygen dose that is higher than five liters per minute. (LPM)

CardinalHealth Crush Resistant Tubing

Crush Resistant Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen tubing is connected to an oxygen mask or nasal cannula. Cannulas are designed with a variety of specifications; you can purchase small ones that are curved, soft ones, or even pediatric Nasal Cannulas.

Types of Oxygen

Oxygen comes in two basic forms: liquid oxygen that you purchase in tanks or concentrated oxygen that is pulled from the air and by either an Oxygen Concentrator or oxygen bar. Oxygen Bars have a lower output capacity than oxygen concentrators. Typically, oxygen bars top out at three LPM’s. On the other hand, an oxygen concentrator can produce five – ten liters per minute.

Oxygen Filling Stations

Devilbiss Oxygen Filling Station

When using liquid oxygen for Oxygen Treatment, you can purchase pre-filled tanks. Many tanks could be required each month. Alternatively, there are filling stations available that allow the patient to use an oxygen tank with compressed oxygen, but still be able to refill it at home.


Living with a Tracheotomy

A tracheotomy is an operation that involves cutting into the trachea that facilitates breathing. The doctor inserts a Tracheostomy Tube into the trachea for as long as is required to breathe. When someone undergoes a tracheotomy they may have questions: Does it hurt, how do I clean a trach, and what will I need.

A tracheostomy stoma site should not hurt after the initial healing process. If it does hurt or if you experience bleeding, difficulty breathing, redness, or swelling call your doctor right away. Depending on the situation, a person can live with a stoma there whole lives or the stoma can be closed with surgery or natural healing, once it is no longer needed.

trach tube

Trach Tube

A tracheotomy may be required when breathing is impacted do to damage or obstruction. Another reason for a Trach Tube is a vocal cord paralysis.

Clean your stoma two times daily. The tracheotomy site can be cleaned using cotton swabs with hydrogen peroxide. Only use unpowered gloves when cleaning the tracheostomy site.

You will need a Trach Collar, also known as, a trach tie. These hold the breathing tube in place. Trach collars can be cleaned while on the neck. Replace the trach collar when it is too soiled to wipe clean. To remove mucus or blockages from the airway, use a suction machine regularly.

When dry air becomes an issue, you can use a humidifier. There are home humidifiers that you can set up in any room or you can use a Heat and Moisture Exchanger to directly humidify the air you breathe.

Trach humidifier

Heat and Moisture Exchanger for Trachea

Speaking is an issue when you have a tracheostomy tube. One way to counteract that is to use a Speaking Valve. Some brands have a supplemental oxygen feature as well. Speak with your doctor to determine if supplemental oxygen is something that you need.

Finally, showering with a trach tube requires the use of a covering to prevent water from traveling into the airway. The stoma cover is designed specifically for covering a stoma in the neck while showering. They come in a variety of options.

Living with a tracheostomy tube requires a certain level of care and a few helpful accessories, but in many cases trach tubes can be temporary and should not impede your life.


Penis Pump Questions and Answers

Penis pumps are one of the least invasive treatments for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are preferable to medications for many patients.

How Do I Use a Penis Pump?

Vacuum erection devices come in different varieties and they will work different ways. The two styles of penile pumps are manually or battery operated. A battery operated pump doesn’t require any manual operation. The manually operated vacuum erection pump will require a continuous pumping motion. If you cannot decide between the two options there are a few manufacturers that make a combo kit.

encore deluxe manual and battery operated device

Encore Deluxe Combo Kit

Both styles of erection pump are going to have a loading cone that attaches to assist with the loading of a tension ring. Once an erection is achieved, you will place the loading cone on the end of the cylinder and use that to slide the tension band on and down the shaft of the cylinder. When you remove the cylinder, the tension band will stay in place.

Does it Hurt?

It should never hurt to use a penis pump. However, it is possible for the skin around the area of suction to be tender. To avoid this, use a body shield. These come with some of the penile pumps, but if they don’t you can purchase them separately as well. A body shield ensures that only the penis receives suction.

encore body shield

Body Shield

The only other issue you may encounter is cylinder size. If the cylinder is too tight, that will be uncomfortable. Oversized cylinders are designed to be compatible with certain brands of penis pumps. If you need one, be sure to select the oversized cylinder that is compatible with the brand of pump you choose.

Will it Fix the Problem?

Impotence is caused by a variety of factors that could be diabetes, surgery, prostate cancer, injury and more. A vacuum erection device will is a temporary impotence treatment, but it will not improve erections over time, because it cannot treat the initial cause for the impotence.

Will it Cause Growth?

Vacuum erection pumps for erectile dysfunction treatment do not cause growth. Pumps have been marketed for these purposes, but they are a different product and the effectiveness of them is unknown.

Do I Need Anything Else for These to Work?

You will need lubricant to create the seal between the skin and the cylinder. A water based lubricant is recommended over a petroleum based lubricant for an ideal seal. Also, to maintain an erection after using the penis pump, you would use a tension band. These come with most erection pumps, but they can also be purchased separately.