Medihoney Dressings are hydrocolloid or alginate dressings that contain medical honey. Honey has been used since ancient civilizations for natural wound healing. Honey has proven effective speeding the healing process for superficial wounds, sunburns. Patients who have used medicinal honey for open wounds, infected wounds, and skin ulcers showed improvement in tissue organization and strength after 14 days of treatment.

Medihoney ointments and dressings have these effects due to an anti-bacterial quality that cleanses and debrises the wound, helping reduce infection and speed healing by promoting a healthy PH balance. Medihoney Wound Gel also acts as a skin barrier, so further skin damage due to moisture is prevented.

Medihoney Gel Ointment Cream Hydrocolloid Paste

Hydrocolloid ointment

Can I use any type of Honey?

However, not all honey is created equal. When using raw honey, you run the risk of infection due to foreign substances that could be introduced to the honey the through pollenization or non-sterile packaging process.  So, for ingestion non-medical honey is fine, but for wound care medicinal honey, such as Medhoney, is preferred.

Types of Medihoney

There are two types of Medihoney currently available: medihoney hydrocolloid dressings and medihoney alginate dressings. Hydrocolloid dressings are available in a Wound Gel or a dressing pad. Hydrocolloid dressings are capable of marinating a moist wound environment, perfect for partial or full thickness wounds (open wounds) that are not expected to quickly heal. Medihoney Hydrocolloid Dressings are absorbers that are capable of handling a moderate wound exudate. These hydrocolloid dressings create a barrier between the wound and the environment, as well as, the skin and the wound. This keeps the skin around the wound unaffected while protecting the wound.

Hydrocolloid dressing

Medihoney Hydrocolloid Dressing

Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressings are highly absorptive dressing that are designed to stay in one piece while saturated, making removal easy. Calcium alginates are ideal for burns, skin ulcers, and donor sites.

Medihoney remains effective up to the date of the dressing change. Though you may need to change the dressing sooner medicinal honey remains effective for up to twenty-five days. Medihoney ointments and dressings are ideal for treating a variety of wounds. A Medihoney Hydrogel dressing is expected to be available this year.






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