Colostomy Care

A colostomy is carried out when the column, rectum or anus become incapable of performing their functions. This can happen in a disease or an injury. The body still has to eject waste matter so an opening, called stomata, is made in the lower abdomen. This serves as the new path. The eliminations are collected through special colostomy accessories.  A colostomy can be temporary or permanent.

If you have gone through a colostomy procedure, you will have to slightly modify your lifestyle. This is especially true if your colostomy is permanent. If you follow the tips below, you can easily adjust to it.

Colostomy care covers quite a few aspects. Eat a well balanced diet, and avoid foods such as eggs, fish, beans and nuts. You must also avoid medicines that cause diarrhea or constipation. Moreover, you must employ proper procedures for using colostomy accessories so that your skin does not develop irritation.

Eliminations are usually collected in pouches which can be drained or closed. The former can be emptied and the latter has to be replaced with a new one. You must empty and change your pouch carefully so that your skin does not develop irritation.  It is advisable to empty or replace your pouch when it is half full. The stoma is usually a shade of pink or red. If it turns pale, starts swelling or bleeds, then you will have to treat it carefully. Remove your pouch and use protective powder on your skin.

You can also opt for colostomy irrigation. This gives you more control because the intestine is made to function regularly once a day or once in two days. In this case, you will not have to wear a pouch but will only need a cover for your stomata. However, irrigation can be done in specific cases only so consult your doctor first.


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