Home Safety for the Elderly

Elderly care is important because aging people generally are more prone to injuries. There are many reasons attributing to this. Aging brings many physical changes in a person’s body which may contribute towards accidents. The skin depletes and loses its elasticity, muscles become drained, bones become brittle, eyesight and hearing power decrease, and basic reflex skills are not the same.

All these prevent elderly people from protecting themselves properly. Therefore, their family or those that take care of them must be proactively cautious and equip their house with elderly safety products.

General Points

  • Keep all emergency numbers close to the phone. Make sure the font is large enough, and can easily be read without glasses.
  • The doors and windows should have secure locks.
  • Store medicines along with their inscription in an easily reachable area.
  • Floors should not be slippery. If they are, cover the surface with wall to wall carpeting. It should be properly glued to the floor so there is no chance of tumbling.
  • Install safety alarms sensors around the house.


  • All cabinets in the kitchen should be at a moderate height. If this is not possible, all those things which are used should be shifted to the lower cabinets.
  • Install light switches close to the doors.
  • All electronic items must be in good working order. There should be no loose or dangling wires.


  • Fix grab bars on the walls especially near the toilet.
  • Keep a non skid mat near the bathing area to prevent slips.
  • The water should be at a moderate temperature. Elderly people have sensitive skin which is more likely to feel heat.



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