Non-Slip for Safety

Slipping and falling is the second major cause of injuries. The consequences are diverse and are with varying severity. The most common of these are head injuries, back injuries, fractures and sprains; the former two are the most severe. If the patient is elderly, then falls can even be fatal. The good thing is that there are many fall protection devices. Using them considerably reduces risks.

One of the best ways of protecting yourself from falls is to use proper shoes which are of the non-skid or non-slip type. These shoes employ a special type of sole which is resistant to both water and oil, and offers a firmer grip on the floor. This prevents slipping.  An added advantage of non – slip shoes is that foot and back pain are also reduced, because your feet fell comfortable the whole day long

Fall Management Slippers have especially been designed for fall protection. The shoes are made from a soft material, and the sole is made from latex free rubber. They have mainly been designed for wet and slippery surfaces. Though these slippers can be washed, the sole must be completely dry before the patient intends to wear them again. There are four colors to choose from, and all sizes for both men and women are available.

Non slip gripper socks also aid in fall prevention by improving footing on slippery floors. They can also be used for patients recovering from surgery. Non slip socks are made from acrylic, and are comfortable enough to be worn the entire day. They are also available in four colors and all sizes. There are non skid socks as well which have also been designed for fall protection. These are also good for swollen ankles and feet, and can even be worn over casts.

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