What is Ostomy?

An ostomy is an artificial tract created by surgery which alters the natural path for waste elimination. An opening is made in the abdominal wall, and waste is allowed to flow through it. This opening is called a stoma. The patient must collect the eliminations into a plastic bag or any other appliance. Usually patients wear an ostomy pouch for this purpose. An ostomy can be temporary or permanent.

Types of Ostomy


In this type, the stoma is made in the large intestine. This is done when the colon is affected, and it has either been removed or must be avoided. In sigmoid colostomy, stoma is situated at the lower left side of the abdomen, and the rectum must be bypassed. The waste products are pretty much similar to the natural form. Sigmoid colostomy is usually managed with irrigation.


When the abdominal opening is situated in the small intestine, it is referred to as Ileostomy. Ileostomy is carried out when the entire colon has to be removed or bypassed. The opening is made on the lower right of the abdomen. The waste products are in a liquid or semi solid phase because they do not pass through the large intestine.


Urostomy is a type of ostomy, the opening is made in the urinary tract from a short length of ileum. The stoma is similar to the one in ileostomy, but the output product of the two differs in phase. Only urine flows from the stoma in this case.

Stoma Care

ostomy pouch Stoma care is really important so that the ostomy does not suffer. You must empty and change your pouch carefully so that your skin does not develop irritation.  Pouches can be drained or closed. The former is re-usable but the latter has to be disposed off. In any case, the pouch must be changed. The frequency depends on your stoma type.


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