Impotence Treatments

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common problem these days. It can be caused by diseases, surgical complications, certain medications and even psychological and lifestyle factors. Impotence is curable, and treatment can be started at any age. There are many kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments. The best of these are selected by considering the severity, causes, and health of the patient.

Psychosexual Therapy

Therapy is one of the most effective impotence treatments. This is because physiological factors play a large role in causing the problem. The causes can be any such as relationships difficulties, work anxiety, and other complex issues. Therapists and counselors listen to these problems all day long, and offer plenty of solutions.

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump (penis pump) consists of a plastic cylinder which is placed over the organ. When air is sucked out from the device, a pressure is created which forces a blood rush into the penis. The blood flow is obstructed by means of a tension band, which is applied to the base. Tension bands prevent the blood from draining rapidly and sustain the erection.


Certain medications can also be used for impotence treatments. Viagra is a widely used medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. Its effects are visible after an hour of taking the medicine, and last for around three hours. Cialis must be taken half an hour before. Levitra needs to be taken 10 minutes before, and can work up to twelve hours.

Penile Prosthesis

Penile prosthesis should be carried out when all other impotence treatments have failed. It is of two types: the semi-rigid type penis implant and the hydraulic type penis implant. The former type rigidifies the penis the whole time, but it can be bent down if the person is not engaged in sexual activity. The latter type stiffens the penis when a pump is activated. This pump is implanted in the scrotum.


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