How Does Physio Tape Work?

A physio tape is a strip of cotton which is mainly used to treat or prevent sports injuries. It possesses elasticity to such a great extent that it can be stretched to 120 to 140% of its original length. One side of the tape consists of an adhesive, so it can easily stick to the skin. Physio tape is mainly available in beige, black, blue and red colors. Sports tapes such as kinesio tape are similar variants. A PreWrap also functions in a similar manner.

A physio tape is specially designed to support muscles during and after play without blocking circulation or restricting movement. It can be used in many situations such as a back ache, tennis elbow, knee pain and a back ache. However, the tape must be cut differently in each situation depending on the muscle area where it has to be used. For instance, an I shape is used for small muscles whereas a Y shape is used for large muscles. Other common shapes are the X and the wave form. A single strip can be used for as long as three days without being removed.

When the body is performing strenuous activities, a large stress is put on the muscles and joints. The areas under maximum stress are usually taped to prevent injuries. The tight physio taping contracts blood vessels underneath the area. This increases circulation, and energizes the cells as more nutrients are transferred.  The physio tape also exerts a pressure on the skin, which numbs the area, preventing a person from feeling any sort of pain or fatigue.

Vitality Medical offers a large selection of physio taping, kinesiology taping and other therapy taping products. Their physio tapes have many benefits such as

  • 24/7 support
  • Several days usage
  • Water resistant

Items can be purchased from their online store.


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