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Foam Hip Protectors – What’s New

People who are prone to hipbone fractures, like the elderly or those with brittle bones, require fall protection pads to prevent such incidents. With the passage of time, bones become weak and require extra support to avoid harm in case of a fall. Elderly people may require  extra support for their hip protection in order to be safe and avoid a hipbone fracture if they fall.

Hip protectors  provide the required support needed for weak bones.  These hip protectors for the elderly are very effective,  inexpensive medical tools. Hip protectors are able to protect the hipbones during a fall because they are designed in such a manner which enables them to perform the function which is required of them.

Most forms of hip protectors are worn under regular clothing as you would with underwear. It is often that a fall occurs sideways, thus the reason being incorporation of foam pads at the sides of the underwear. These foam pads are held in place through special design. These pads absorb most of the force of a fall and divert it away from the hipbone, thus reducing the risk of a hip fracture to occur.

There are several brands in the market which provide different types of hip protectors. Posey is no small name when it comes to hip protection.  They manufacture many types of hip protectors, designed for both, men and women.

You can also find Posey hip protectors for people having incontinence problems. You can see the image of Posey Hipsters Incontinent Brief at the right hand side. They include hip protection pads, which are designed to handle and tolerate more number of washes. You can also find products that have protection pads, which can be replaced.



Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

Many patients require oxygen constantly. This becomes a problem if the patients need to travel, because not all oxygen equipment can travel with them. A solution to this is to get an oxygen concentrator that is portable. Today, a variety of different oxygen concentrators are available in the market making it difficult to decide which one would be most suitable. When deciding, consider the characteristics and benefits offered by the product.

Battery Life

If you are traveling over a longer distance, you might prefer a portable oxygen concentrator that has an elongated battery life. However, such oxygen machines are heavier and may not be suitable for traveling. A small concentrator, which can be connected to an AC outlet on a wall or a DC outlet of a vehicle, will be appropriate for such situations. For precautionary measures, take one or two batteries along with you.


Smaller oxygen machines usually have a lower output capacity, but are the best option for long distance travel, such as on a flight or a cruise. All portable oxygen concentrators are FAA approved and can be carried while traveling however, only the Sequal Eclipse 3 is suitable if you are traveling by cruise. To decide which oxygen machine is most suitable, evaluate your oxygen or liter flow requirements. The capacity can vary from one liter per minute to three liters per minute.

Pulse or Continuous Flow

The kind of machine you purchase also depends on how you intake the oxygen. This is the most vital feature that should be considered when buying oxygen therapy devices. Pulse machines deliver oxygen to you in the form of puffs while continuous machines provide a continuous oxygen supply.


This is also an important feature that should be taken into account when purchasing an oxygen machine. If you are not traveling, you can buy a large home oxygen concentrator. It will have a greater supply and, as you are not traveling, may be quite appropriate for you. However, while traveling you should have a small concentrator that is easy to carry and move around.

How to Use an Acapella Flutter Valve

Hindrance in breathing can cause a lot of uneasiness for a person. Many people suffering from COPD and cystic fibrosis face difficulty in breathing as their lungs are filled with mucus and are unable to function properly. Such patients use the Acapella device to clear their lungs of mucus to facilitate easy breathing.

A Flutter Valve – What It Does and How It Works

A flutter valve will help clear your lungs by using positive pressure or PEP therapy as well as airway vibrations. This will regulate the movement of mucus and transfer it from peripheral airways to bigger central airways where it can be easily coughed out.

The flutter device consists of a cone shaped valve that has a tiny steel ball in it. When you exhale into the Acapella valve, the ball will start moving up and down causing your airways to vibrate. Moreover, exhaling against resistance will create a positive pressure that will help clear out your lungs and ease your breathing.

Two types of Acapella Flutter Valves are available in the market. The green valve is the high flow flutter valve which is designed for patients who are able to exhale 15 liters every minute or more for about three seconds. The blue valve is the low flow flutter valve and is created for patients who can exhale less than 15 liters each minute.

Acapella Flutter Valve Instructions

The flutter device is very easy to use. First, you breathe in and out of the device five times at regular intervals. Then you repeat this again, but this time very slowly so that your exhalations are three times as long as your inhalations. You can then alternate between quick and slow breathing, holding your breath for 2-3 seconds after every exhalation.

When you have repeated this exercise 5-6 times and have not coughed yet, try coughing to expel any mucus present. Keep doing this exercise until no more mucus can be expelled. The entire exercise takes around 10-20 minutes and will clear out your lungs properly.

Refilling Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen tanks are equipment that store oxygen as gas under high pressure or in liquefied form. It is mostly used by patients who require a constant supply of oxygen. They can keep an oxygen tank at their home and refill oxygen tanks directly from the concentrator tank in their home.

Medical oxygen tanks are even available in hospitals and contain a greater supply of oxygen as it is constantly needed for patients that are under treatment. These tanks are easy to use and quite affordable.


The iFill is an oxygen refilling station that does not require a concentrator to refill oxygen cylinders. Instead, fills itself with purified oxygen that it takes in from the surrounding environment. It offers flexibility as it can refill most cylinder sizes.

The device quickly fills the cylinder with pure oxygen saving energy costs and automatically shuts itself down when the cylinder is completely filled. The iFill can even top off partially filled cylinders. The device can be placed anywhere in the house and is very safe and simple to use.

Oxygen Refill Station

Refilling Oxygen TanksAn oxygen generator at your home can easily be upgraded to an oxygen refill station. This will allow you the convenience to fill the oxygen cylinders at your home for a fraction of the total cost. An oxygen tank refill system will save you time and money and will prove to be very feasible, fitting easily into your budget.

Oxygen refilling stations are very lightweight and small. They provide ambulatory patients the freedom to fill their oxygen tanks themselves. Moreover, the independence and convenience offered by these products makes them a preferred choice for many who continuously require a supply of oxygen. Such equipments also eliminate the need to frequently visit gas companies and save the cost of gas cylinder deliveries every now and then.

Oxygen for Exercise

The air we breathe is full of pollution, dust and other elements that can be harmful for your health. Living in the urban environment, the possibility of breathing in clean and pure air has become quite rare. Therefore, experts recommend the use of oxygen therapy. This therapy will help to deliver pure oxygen directly to your body and will have an immediate impact on your health.

Benefits of Oxygen

Breathing in pure oxygen has several benefits. Oxygen will assist your body in digesting food properly and breaking down toxins. The organs in your body will function better and will be more productive than they previously used to be. Moreover, taking in pure oxygen will help relieve stress and allow the body to unwind and relax, releasing the tension from the muscles. Breathing in pure oxygen will also help in delaying the aging process and keep you fit and active for long.

Oxygen Therapy

Working out with an oxygen concentrator will also have many beneficial impacts on your body. That is why doing exercise with oxygen therapy or EWOT is particularly beneficial for your health. An oxygen concentrator at your home will purify the air around you by stripping off nitrogen that is present in the air. This will enable you to take in pure oxygen for exercise or other uses.

Oxygen for Athletes

Many experts advise the use of oxygen for athletes, some of which have started the practice of sleeping in enclosed chambers that release pure oxygen. The athletes claim to be more fresh and rested and less sore in the morning. Oxygen for exercise is often used during training.

Overall, the benefits of taking in pure oxygen cannot be undermined. As lifestyle in metropolitan cities exposes you to only polluted air, you should take measures to correct that and in the very least try and make your home environment more pure by using an oxygen concentrator.


Donut Cushion for the Tailbone

Tailbone or coccyx pain can occur due to several different reasons. Tailbone fractures, dislocations, injuries from pregnancy or child birth and sports are a few of the several things that can contribute to a person suffering from tailbone pain, which is often very severe in intensity. It is not necessary that a person may have to undergo a trauma in order to experience this condition. At times, the reason for tailbone pain or discomfort cannot be diagnosed.

You can avoid experiencing tailbone pain or irritation through some home remedies. They often include avoiding sitting down for long duration of time, sitting while leaning forward or taking a side, applying ice to affected area if undergone a trauma and consuming food that is high in fiber content in order to avoid constipation. Another such home remedy is to make use of various tailbone cushions while sitting, for example, a donut cushion.

Donut Cushion for the TailboneA donut cushion is a circular tailbone cushion that has a hole in its center. It’s designed as a donut, thus given a name, donut cushion. The hole in the center prevents your tailbone from having direct contact with the flat surface that you are sitting on.

By using it, you exert no or minimum amount of pressure on your tailbone and do not experience severe pain or irritation. You maximum body weight is distributed over the parts that are in contact the pillow’s surface and least pressure is exerted on your tailbone, which is situated in the center.

Besides donut cushion, other varieties of tailbone pillow, such as invalid ring cushion and coccyx seat cushion, are also used by people who are suffering from tailbone related medical conditions. By searching the net for a good and reputable online medical store, you can easily find appropriate tailbone cushion for yourself that is right for you.