Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

Many patients require oxygen constantly. This becomes a problem if the patients need to travel, because not all oxygen equipment can travel with them. A solution to this is to get an oxygen concentrator that is portable. Today, a variety of different oxygen concentrators are available in the market making it difficult to decide which one would be most suitable. When deciding, consider the characteristics and benefits offered by the product.

Battery Life

If you are traveling over a longer distance, you might prefer a portable oxygen concentrator that has an elongated battery life. However, such oxygen machines are heavier and may not be suitable for traveling. A small concentrator, which can be connected to an AC outlet on a wall or a DC outlet of a vehicle, will be appropriate for such situations. For precautionary measures, take one or two batteries along with you.


Smaller oxygen machines usually have a lower output capacity, but are the best option for long distance travel, such as on a flight or a cruise. All portable oxygen concentrators are FAA approved and can be carried while traveling however, only the Sequal Eclipse 3 is suitable if you are traveling by cruise. To decide which oxygen machine is most suitable, evaluate your oxygen or liter flow requirements. The capacity can vary from one liter per minute to three liters per minute.

Pulse or Continuous Flow

The kind of machine you purchase also depends on how you intake the oxygen. This is the most vital feature that should be considered when buying oxygen therapy devices. Pulse machines deliver oxygen to you in the form of puffs while continuous machines provide a continuous oxygen supply.


This is also an important feature that should be taken into account when purchasing an oxygen machine. If you are not traveling, you can buy a large home oxygen concentrator. It will have a greater supply and, as you are not traveling, may be quite appropriate for you. However, while traveling you should have a small concentrator that is easy to carry and move around.


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