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Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED Solutions

Tension Bands and VenoSeal ED SolutionsWhat is ED?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the inability of a man to achieve and sustain an erection. Usually ED occurs with aging, but almost all men face erection difficulties at one point or another largely due to psychological conditions and general health condition.

How Erection Occurs

Erection begins with arousal, when the brain releases a stimulus that signals the nervous system to direct blood flow to the penis. Once blood enters the penis, the veins should retain it to achieve and sustain the erection.

If any of these factors is absent, erection cannot be achieved. These factors can be marred by both psychological and physical conditions, such as venous leakage.


Habits like drinking which may cause ED can be prevented. However, other causes of erectile dysfunction may not be preventable. ED treatments include:

  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Sex therapy
  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pumps and Tension Bands

Vacuum therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating erectile dysfunction. This therapy uses a manual or mechanical device to help men to achieve erection without serious pain or injuries. Vacuum pumps are widely available, making them one of the most convenient solutions for men with ED.

Basically the pump creates a vacuum around the penis which results in the flow of fresh blood to the penis. The blood flow causes the penis to bulge and it becomes erect, and then a tension band, also known as a penis ring is placed around the penis to keep the penis rigid for a specific time.

Vacuum therapy for ED is effective since it takes into account the importance of adequate blood flow to the penis in the process of erection. In addition, since vacuum therapy is not invasive, it gives you the desired results without any significant injury.

Types of Tension Bands

There is no generic tension band and users have to find the one that will work for their condition. The size of the penis is an obvious factor, and you can measure the width by placing a tape measure around the base of the penis.

Another factor to ponder upon is the level of ED.  If the dysfunction is severe, the person will require a higher tension to hold the erection. Users also have to choose the right material as well as not all bands provide the same flexibility.  Note that there is no “standard” tension band size.

Finally, as the erection depends on proper blood flow to the penis, the Penis Ring should not be so hard as to obstruct the flow and not so loose at the same time so that the penis can retain the rigidity.

VenoSeal produces rubber and latex tensions bands. As the name implies, VenoSeal tension bands help those men who experience ED due to venous leakage, where blood does not stay in the penis. While these tension bands stop the blood in the penis from flowing back in the body, they provide maximum comfort to the users as well.


  • Do not use Vacuum pumps and VenoSeal tension bands if you experience prolonged erections (priapism) regularly
  • Also abstain from using if you have any penis abnormality
  • Do not use along with medications like blood thinners
  • Do not leave VenoSeal tension bands on for more than 30 minutes
  • If vacuum therapy doesn’t work, stop using it and immediately consult your doctor






Medical Scales

The body weight and metabolism of a person are both indicators of a good health. If a person gains or losses weight during a limited duration of time and based on the extent and severity of the case, a doctor might be able to tell if the weight loss was healthy or not. When doctors need to determine the exact weight of a person, they can deduce the length and breadth of when person is going to or has fallen ill with the help of a medical scale.

Medical Scales 1Medical scales are precise body weight measuring instruments that can pick up even the slightest change or notice. Based on their requirements medical scales are available and required in a wide array of versions including the baby scales. Much more complicated than the classic Bathroom Floor Scales, the medical scale is an expensive commodity for any household but a must have for most hospitals.

Beam Medical Scale

Physician Beam scale

Although available now in a large variety of designs and mediums, most hospitals and gyms are still equipped with the old-fashioned, Floor Stand Scales with the balancing bars to check your weight. Though most people find them harder to read, most doctors face no such difficulty and usually find it within their budget to buy it.

Fortunately, the role of medical scales in the medical field is not just limited to keeping track of the patient’s weight but can also extend to help diagnose diseases. On the basis of a person’s unnatural weight-loss or weight gain history, a doctor is able to make a diagnosis; the patient may be saved from an untimely complication if they were a victim of anorexia or happened to be suffering from diabetes. However, in some cases, drastic weight loss does add up to just drastic weight loss.



When sleep apnea is diagnosed in a person, there are two modes of treatment available for the patient in the form of the CPAP and the Bipap. However, many patients confuse or misunderstand the two treatments and often think they are one or can be used to treat one ailment. Attention must be paid to the fact that there are different types of sleep apnea that a person can have and based on the doctor’s diagnosis, the patient should select the most suitable form of treatment.

CPAP known as the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device and the BiPAP – Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure differ from each other in the following ways:


CPAP vs BiPAP 1Used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, which is the most basic and minor form of sleep apnea. Afflicted patients benefit greatly from the CPAP and its steady flow of air pressure. The CPAP comes equipped with only one air pressure setting and is beneficial for minor sleep apnea patients because the pressure provided props the muscles open which would normally relax while the patient sleeps.


CPAP vs BiPAP 2The BiPAP is useful for patients who are diagnosed with central sleep apnea. This is a more severe case of sleep apnea which the CPAP treatment is unsuitable for. While the minor forms of sleep apnea are caused by muscular relaxation, the more severe cases are due to the fact that the brain forgets to regulate and activate the muscles to breathe for a brief period. The BiPAP can also be used for the treatment of other problems related to respiratory issues or for patients who have not shown any response towards the CPAP treatment. The BiPAP is also able to provide two levels of air pressure as compared to the CPAP. Hence the name Bipap: Two Positive Airway Pressures.

However, the downside to CPAP treatment is the fact that it comes in the form of a face mask or a nasal mask that a patient must wear when going to bed. Patients often cannot tolerate the masks and therefore respond poorly to the treatment. Among the list of complaints, the patients may also suffer minor side effects like bloating of the stomach, headaches, runny noses, headaches, nasal congestion and skin irritations. Patients suffering from claustrophobia or anxiety attacks may also not respond well as the restrictive mask might cause them more distress.

Similarly, the BiPAP treatment is also administered with the help of a nasal mask or a face mask but it is considered more comfortable as compared to the CPAPs headgear. The BiPAP treatment shares the same side effects as the CPAP.

Maternity Pantyhose

When a woman is going through her pregnancy, it can be a difficult time. Apart from having to completely change her lifestyle, her body is constantly changing with her and so are her clothes. As the body grows to accommodate the growing child, the mother will find it more and more difficult to wear what she used to wear. Shopping for clothes almost every month will become the norm and most women often realize that there is a rather large shortage among clothes for expectant mothers.

Maternity Pantyhose 1Although, most women do prefer to buy maternity clothing similar to what they used to wear, there comes a point when the body becomes too bulky to fit inside a pair of jeans comfortably. One fail safe option is to wear large dresses, skirts, frocks and other forms of loose clothing and women usually prefer to wear tights or pantyhose under them. Unfortunately, with the body changing to accommodate the baby, normal tights or pantyhose don’t always make the cut and this is where maternity compression pantyhose comes in the picture.

Maternity Pantyhose 2Maternity pantyhose are made from the same material as other regular pantyhose. The only differentiating factor comes in the form of an additional stretchable material near the front that stretches to accommodate the growing belly. Normal pantyhose are not made to be so accommodating and while flattering on the legs, they tend to be irksome by either rolling down, being too loose, or pressing hard on the stomach and causing discomfort to the wearer.

Apart from being graciously accommodating, maternity pantyhose are also designed to provide compression for the legs which aids in improving the blood circulation of the body by adding pressure on particular areas in the lower body. This targeted compression greatly reduces the chances of swelling in the feet and any unwanted pain; two conditions that are very common for expectant mothers to bear throughout their pregnancies. Maternity Pantyhose is an ideal swelling during pregnancy treatment.


How Does a CPAP Work

The CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is a machine that provides what is considered as therapy treatment for people who suffer from OSA – Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The device allows people afflicted with the condition, to sleep properly throughout the night. To understand the workings of a CPAP, we need to understand what Sleep Apnea actually is.

How Does a CPAP WorkSleep Apnea is the condition when the muscles around the throat and tongue are relaxed when a person is sleeping. The muscles relax to such a degree that the condition causes a blockage which prevents oxygen from flowing into a person’s lungs. This relaxation of the muscles can make a person more prone to and suffer greater damage, if they are ever struck with a stroke, a heart attack or have high blood pressure. The tissues relax to such a degree that the condition can cause a great amount of stress on the blood pressure, the heart and the lungs.

The CPAP was designed specifically to help anyone with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. CPAP is the only medical treatment device of Sleep Apnea that doesn’t involve surgery. The device consists of a mask providing nose and mouth coverage attached to pump machine which regulates the flow of oxygen in your body and reduces or removes the affects of the Sleep Apnea.

How Does a CPAP Work 1The CPAP functions through sending a steady flow of gentle air way to support and prop and keep open the sufferer’s airway while they sleep peacefully. The CPAP does not only reduce the risk of a stroke, blood pressure and the strain on the heart and lungs, the device also eliminates snoring and provides the person with a fresh supply of oxygen.

Most patients can vouch for the effectiveness of the CPAP treatment and many started feeling more energetic and free of symptoms of Sleep Apnea among which is daytime sleepiness. However, Sleep Apnea is a difficult condition to diagnose and doctors all over consider it to be one of the leading reasons for heart related problems. Sometimes, the disease left on its own and untreated can wreak a great amount of havoc on the person.

Coccydynia Cushions

Coccydynia can occur due to several reasons. Some of these reasons are coccyx fracture,  dislocation, injuries during pregnancy or at child birth. The pain involved in this condition is severe and can be annoying for the person living with it. Sitting becomes a very demanding activity for those with coccydynia.

There are several ways to cope with this situation. One such way is making use of coccyx cushions. These are medical cushions that can be used to help a person with coccydynia sit comfortably.  You can find several different forms of coccyx pillows in the market. Each form of coccyx cushion is designed differently, helping in its own individual way. You can find a coccydynia cushion, available in form of a donut cushion, a coccyx seat cushion or an invalid ring cushion.

Donut cushions have a hole in the center so that the tailbone is unable to come into contact with the flat hard surface. Another type of cushions are the wedge cushions. These have a wedge or a triangular cut-out on one side of the seat. The cushion can be placed in a way that the wedge is at the back. This way, the cushion will support your buttocks and prevent the tailbone from touching the sitting surface. This support prevents your body pressure from weighing down the tailbone. Instead, it is distributed on the two buttocks.

Some of the coccyx cushions are inflatable and enable users to easily deflate and pack them. This makes storing of these cushions simpler. You can also take the coccyx cushions along with you if you are travelling.

You may use any pillow you like if you experience soreness and pain in the tailbone. The main criteria while purchasing these pillows  should be comfort. You should be extremely comfortable when sitting on the pillow. This will effectively reduce and relieve your pain.