Coccydynia Cushions

Coccydynia can occur due to several reasons. Some of these reasons are coccyx fracture,  dislocation, injuries during pregnancy or at child birth. The pain involved in this condition is severe and can be annoying for the person living with it. Sitting becomes a very demanding activity for those with coccydynia.

There are several ways to cope with this situation. One such way is making use of coccyx cushions. These are medical cushions that can be used to help a person with coccydynia sit comfortably.  You can find several different forms of coccyx pillows in the market. Each form of coccyx cushion is designed differently, helping in its own individual way. You can find a coccydynia cushion, available in form of a donut cushion, a coccyx seat cushion or an invalid ring cushion.

Donut cushions have a hole in the center so that the tailbone is unable to come into contact with the flat hard surface. Another type of cushions are the wedge cushions. These have a wedge or a triangular cut-out on one side of the seat. The cushion can be placed in a way that the wedge is at the back. This way, the cushion will support your buttocks and prevent the tailbone from touching the sitting surface. This support prevents your body pressure from weighing down the tailbone. Instead, it is distributed on the two buttocks.

Some of the coccyx cushions are inflatable and enable users to easily deflate and pack them. This makes storing of these cushions simpler. You can also take the coccyx cushions along with you if you are travelling.

You may use any pillow you like if you experience soreness and pain in the tailbone. The main criteria while purchasing these pillows  should be comfort. You should be extremely comfortable when sitting on the pillow. This will effectively reduce and relieve your pain.


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