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Vacuum Devices for ED

Vacuum Devices for EDA vacuum device or penis pump is mainly intended to be used by a person who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence. It comprises of a constriction band and a pump to which an acrylic cylinder is attached. This cylinder can directly be attached to the penis. The cylinder and the pump create a vacuum which rigidifies the penis. The band can then be used to maintain the condition for a prolonged time.


ED pumps are based on vacuum therapy. When a pump is placed on the penis, a pumping action has to be provided. This can be done manually or automatically if the device is powered by a battery. The pumping action creates a vacuum, and blood easily flows into the penis. This enlarges it and makes it rigid. The constriction ring which is provided with the pump can then be used to maintain this condition for some time. The ring actually prevents the blood from flowing out of the penis, and thus, maintains the erection.

Procedure for Use

  • Attach the pump to the penis. If it is manual, start pumping the device, otherwise, just press the on button.
  • Continue the above step until the penis becomes rigid.
  • When you gain an erection, fix the tension band on the lower end of the penis. If you have problems, use a lubricant to aid you.
  • Detach the pump after the pressure is released.

You can fix the constriction band and maintain the erection for as long as 30 minutes, but this may vary with the manufacturer.

Safety Features

ED pumps do not possess any risks if you us them correctly. Just in case, be sure to buy a pump with a ‘quick release’ button. This way you can prevent injuries which occur if the vacuum is released too slowly.


Oxygen Concentrators Explained

Oxygen Concentrators ExplainedAn oxygen concentrator or an oxygen generator is used when a patient requires oxygen therapy. Compared to other oxygen supplies such as tanks, an oxygen concentrator is safer, more affordable and more convenient. Portable oxygen concentrators are also available which are even more convenient than the standard devices.


An oxygen concentrator is based on the principle that when nitrogen is exposed to zeolite materials, it sticks to them if the pressure is high. Zeolite is porous and adsorbs nitrogen in huge quantities. However, if the pressure is decreased, the nitrogen gas is released back into the air.

There are generally two cylinders in an oxygen machine and both of them contain zeolite pellets. These are subjected to compressed natural air. The zeolite adsorbs almost all of the nitrogen present in air, and the output from the cylinder is nearly pure oxygen gas.

After just a passage of a few seconds, zeolite saturates and so the compressed air is transmitted to the second zeolite cylinder. At the same time, the pressure in the first cylinder is reduced so that the nitrogen can escape. When zeolite in the second cylinder saturates, the first cylinder is again used to supply oxygen, and the pressure in the other cylinder is reduced. This process then continues repeatedly and an uninterrupted supply of oxygen is delivered to the patient.


The main components of an oxygen machine other than the zeolite beds are given below.

  • Air Filter: Prevents large particles in the air from entering into the system
  • Compressor: Takes up natural air from the environment, compresses it and transmits it to the zeolite cylinders
  • Oxygen Tank: Collects pure oxygen and delivers it to the patient
  • Valves: Adjust the flow at which oxygen is delivered to a patient

BD Syringe Comparison

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) or BD is a manufacturer of medical devices. Their products range over a wide category, but their syringes are by far the best when compared to other organizations.

Standard Syringe

A standard syringe is used for many general purposes such as intramuscular medications, vaccines and vitamin deficiencies. A standard BD syringe is available in various capacities from 1 ml to 60 ml. The tip designs differ from model to model and can be slip tip, luer lok or catheter.

Oral Syringe

BD SyringeAn oral syringe is used for giving liquid medicine to a patient. While a spoon can be used for the purpose, the advantage of using an oral syringe is that more accurate dosages can be administered.

A BD oral syringe is available in either a clear or amber barrel. Both models feature an easy to read scale which shows markings in millimeters as well as a teaspoon scale. The markings are easy to understand and are very accurate, which considerably reduces the risks of incorrect doses.

A BD oral syringe is available in various capacities. The most used of these are 1 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml. All models are equipped with a tip cap.

Insulin Syringe

BD SyringesAn insulin syringe is used for administering insulin to diabetic patients. BD manufacturers various capacities of insulin syringes from which the 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml and 1 ml syringe are more popular. A BD insulin syringe features a micro fine needle so that even small doses of insulin can be injected into the patients. The syringe is thin and the size is small so that it can easily be handled and controlled. The markings are very clear and dark so that a very accurate dose can be given to the patient.

BD also offers an insulin pen for more convenience and ease to the patient.

Cloth Tape Comparison: Mefix, Zonas and Hypafix

Mefix Tape

Mefix tape is made up of non-absorbing and porous material. It has varying uses in the medical world that range from securing gauzes and cannulas to dressing a patient’s wounds. It can easily be used on flexing areas such as the knees and elbows. Mefix tape is available with a per-measured paper which makes cutting easier.

There are many benefits of using a Mefix tape over other similar products. Mefix tape allows moisture and air to pass through itself, so the skin below the tape stays healthy. The tape is nonirritating and can easily stick to any surface. It is extremely comfortable to wear and causes no discomfort to the patient. Mefix tape does not restrict circulation and maintains a health blood flow in all areas where it is used.

Zonas Tape

Cloth Tape Comparison 2Zonas tape comprises of cotton backing that is extremely strong.  Despite this, the tape can easily be cut and torn. Zonas tape can be used for providing support to an immobilized body part.

Zonas tape is better than standard cloth tape because its use is not limited to the medical field only. It can also be used by athletes for the purpose of providing support to their muscles when they are on the playing field. This has also given it the name of a sports tape or athletic cloth tape.

Hypafix Tape

Hypafix tape is composed of a non woven material that can easily be stretched onto the body. The tape offers resistance to water and its adhesive properties does not irritate the skin.

Hypafix tape is more preferable than other cloth tapes because the patient’s skin can easily interact with water even if has been taped up. Moreover, this medical tape can be reused a number of times.

Coban Wrap Uses

Coban Wrap UsesCoban is a special type of compression bandage that sticks to itself excellently. However, it does not stick to any other material or surface.  It is made up of a porous polyester material that consists of numerous elastic fibers.

A coban wrap does not cause any discomfort to the patient because it does not adhere to their skin. Yet it still remains firm, and does not get loose with time.


There are many coban wrap uses. A few are mentioned below.

  • A coban wrap is used for treating leg ulcers and controlling edema. In some cases, unna boots are also used with coban wraps to treat ulcers.
  • If a patient is bleeding profoundly, his injury can be wrapped up in a coban dressing. This prevents blood flow and may also heal the wound.
  • Athletes may use a coban wrap as a protective measure when they are on the playing field. They can also use this compression bandage wrap for providing support to their feet, ankles, legs or knees.
  • A coban wrap is also used for bandaging pets and animals because it does not stick to their fur or hair. Hence, it can easily be removed when the animal has been treated.
  • Swollen areas can be treated with a coban wrap because it improves circulation in the body.
  • Hospitals also use coban wraps for a variety of purposes such as affixing monitors and securing IVs and catheters.


A few precautions must be carried out when using coban wraps.

  • Do not wrap a coban dressing tightly. Doing so will just disrupt normal circulation in the body.
  • A coban wrap has a high degree of cohesiveness, and so it does not loosen up with time. This is why a certain amount of tension must be applied to the bandage before wrapping it up.
  • Natural rubber may be present in coban wrap so some patients may suffer an allergic reaction.


Surgilube Medical Lubricant

Surgilube Medical LubricantA Surgical lubricant is used for providing lubrication to the patient during specific medical and surgical procedures. This lessens their pain and discomfort, and they can bear the examination or treatment which they are undergoing. Generally, a medical lubricant is used in procedures related to rectal or vaginal examinations.

There are many manufacturers which produce a wide range of surgical and medical lubricants. However, Surgilube by Savage Labs is probably the most effective of them. Surgilube is a water based lubricant jelly that contains a certain percentage of Chlorhexidine Gluconate. This substance is included as an antiseptic in the product.


Surgilube is characterized by the following main features:

  • Contains only water which makes it very safe for many uses
  • Does not cause any irritations to the skin, tissue and membranes
  • Has no effect on medical instruments, plastics or rubber
  • Does not increase bacteria or impact sterility of medical instruments
  • Causes no stains


Surgilube is available as tubes and sachets. The total capacity may vary from 2 ounces to 5 grams.


Surgilube uses are vast ranging from medical to personal. It can easily be used in a variety of medical conditions and situations. It is widely used in hospitals to reduce a patient’s pain in specific examinations pertaining to rectum and gynecology. Surgilube may also be used if catheters or a probe has to be inserted into the body for various purposes such as collecting cell samples. Since a medical lubricant is biologically inert, its use does not interfere with the examination, treatment or even results.

Individuals may also use Surgilube in their homes as a personal lubricant. It increases pleasure during sexual activities and may also reduce pain.