Cloth Tape Comparison: Mefix, Zonas and Hypafix

Mefix Tape

Mefix tape is made up of non-absorbing and porous material. It has varying uses in the medical world that range from securing gauzes and cannulas to dressing a patient’s wounds. It can easily be used on flexing areas such as the knees and elbows. Mefix tape is available with a per-measured paper which makes cutting easier.

There are many benefits of using a Mefix tape over other similar products. Mefix tape allows moisture and air to pass through itself, so the skin below the tape stays healthy. The tape is nonirritating and can easily stick to any surface. It is extremely comfortable to wear and causes no discomfort to the patient. Mefix tape does not restrict circulation and maintains a health blood flow in all areas where it is used.

Zonas Tape

Cloth Tape Comparison 2Zonas tape comprises of cotton backing that is extremely strong.  Despite this, the tape can easily be cut and torn. Zonas tape can be used for providing support to an immobilized body part.

Zonas tape is better than standard cloth tape because its use is not limited to the medical field only. It can also be used by athletes for the purpose of providing support to their muscles when they are on the playing field. This has also given it the name of a sports tape or athletic cloth tape.

Hypafix Tape

Hypafix tape is composed of a non woven material that can easily be stretched onto the body. The tape offers resistance to water and its adhesive properties does not irritate the skin.

Hypafix tape is more preferable than other cloth tapes because the patient’s skin can easily interact with water even if has been taped up. Moreover, this medical tape can be reused a number of times.


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