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Plastic Urinals for Males

A urinal is a plastic bottle that is particularly designed for urination purposes. Patients who experience serious health issues and are not able to get out of their beds usually need a plastic urinal. Because of a male urinal, patients who cannot move their arms freely  can urinate independently without needing any help.

Male Urinal

One of the greatest advantages of using a plastic urinal is that it is portable and stain resistant. It offers great convenience to a patient as it can easily be cleaned and washed. Such urinals are exclusively designed to facilitate male patients. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and capacities that enable you to choose a plastic urinal according to your own needs.

A disposable urinal bedpan is commonly made of latex-free and transparent polyethylene. It includes a wide base, small neck and vertical stance. Due to its small neck, both the patient and caregiver can easily handle the bottle. On the other hand, these plastic urinals have smooth and round edges that offer great comfort to the patient. Their transparent lids make them resistant to leaks. Their lids not only reduce odors, but also prevent spilling.

A male plastic urinal is commonly used by male patients since their anatomy supports its usage. Though female urinals are available in the market, they are a little difficult to handle. Male plastic urinals typically have convenient handles that you can easily grip. These urinals can ideally be used in health care facilities and hospitals since they can be effortlessly hung on bed rails of any size or style.

A male plastic urinal is lightweight and easy on the pocket. It is marked with clearly visible graduations that ensure accurate volume measurement. These transparent urinals allow efficient visualization of urine color and content. Disposable male urinals are practical products that can help you enjoy a  healthier lifestyle.




Bard Drainage Bag

Patients who are not able to urinate or have health issues like urinary incontinence may need to use a urine drainage bag. This bag is attached to urinary tubing, which then connects to a catheter. Some bags come with urinary tubing already attached. The catheter is placed inside an individual’s bladder from where urine is collected into the plastic drainage bag. An efficient urinary drainage bag can make a significant difference to your health and help you lead a comfortable life.

Bard Drainage Bag

Bardia Drainage Bag

Bard closely understands the demands of health care experts, medical professionals and patients, and provides efficient products to help them meet clinical challenges. Bard urinary supplies represent reliable services, high quality, and great integrity. Bard drainage bags ensure better drainage since they have a round, teardrop shape. These drainage bags are available in a variety of sizes offering different capacities that allow individuals to choose a urine bag according to their own needs.

A bedside drainage bag incorporates convenient drain valves that don’t need much dexterity. Bard urine bag is latex-free and has a special antimicrobial agent that can perfectly resist infectious agents or pathogens. While using Bard bedside drainage bag, make sure to not let its tube hang below the urine bag. Furthermore, don’t leave your urine drainage bag on the floor. Instead, tie it to your bed. Don’t allow your urinary bag to become full as it will exert extra pressure on the catheter.

It is important to empty and clean Bard urine bags frequently so that they don’t cause any infection or irritation. Most healthcare experts suggest changing the drainage bag frequently so as to prevent a patient from urinary infections. Whenever you empty your drainage bag, you should observe urine color, odor, and consistency. This enables you to take timely and corrective measures in case of infections. A urine bag should be thoroughly cleaned to reduce odor and avoid further urinary problems.


MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

People who are unable to take food by mouth or have weak digestive systems look for another healthy way to eat. For such people, doctors usually recommend using a feeding tube to maintain appropriate levels of nutritional health and activity. This type of feeding is typically called tube or enteral feeding.

Different types of feeding tubes are used for different purposes. For instance, nasogastric or NG feeding tubes are one type of feeding tube usually used for people who require temporary enteral nutrition. On the other hand, a gastrostomy feeding tube is utilized for long-term enteral feeding.

MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Feeding TubeThere are several gastrostomy feeding tubes available, but MIC-KEY probably has the best features. Being one of its kind, the MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube includes a medication port along with a feeding port. Both these ports are entered in an individual’s stomach which enables him/her to get water, nutrients, and medication according to the body requirements.

The MIC-KEY Bolus and Low-Profile gastrostomy feeding tubes are designed for feeding purposes. While standard feeding tubes are usually heavy and cannot be covered by clothing, MIC-KEY gastrostomy feeding tubes allows a person to enjoy free physical activity and movement.


Following are the main features that your MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube may provide you:

  • Ports: With medication and feeding ports, MIC-KEY feeding tube can efficiently deliver all liquids, medication, and nutrients into your stomach. Simply cap off these ports with provided cover when you don’t have to get a feeding.
  • External Base: This maintains the position of G-tube in your stomach and also allows air to refresh the skin.
  • Valve: MIC-KEY gastrostomy feeding tube is provided with a special valve so that stomach contents do not leak out of the feeding tube.
  • Retention Balloon: The silicone internal retention balloon is pumped up with water so that the G-tube can maintain its position inside the stomach. This balloon needs to be checked every week.

MIC-KEY G-tube placement in your stomach allows you to lead an active and mobile lifestyle. Equally satisfying the needs of adults and children, MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube ensures their nutritional well-being without affecting their physical activities.

Sequal Eclipse 3: AutoSAT Technology

AutoSAT TechnologyAn oxygen concentrator is used whenever a patient needs a higher level of oxygen than what is present in the atmosphere. Traditional oxygen concentrators are bulky and do not offer convenience and mobility. Therefore, manufacturers have now switched to portable oxygen concentrators that are easy to carry around because of their compact size. Moreover, since portable oxygen is a recent methodology, the devices are based on the latest technology and so are better in terms of performance, reliability and quality than the traditional devices.

Portable oxygen concentrators are manufactured by many companies but the Sequal Eclipse 3 concentrator probably leads them all. It features the autoSAT technology, which has significantly improved its performance. The Sequal portable concentrator also offers many other benefits to its users and is equipped with modern innovative accessories.


The all new autoSAT technology maintains a fixed level of oxygen by adjusting the oxygen flow of the device according to the user’s respiratory rate. If the rate increases, the autoSAT also increases the oxygen supply through a servo motor so that the patient gets an uninterrupted delivery of the gas.


A number of accessories can be used with Sequal Eclipse 3 to improve its performance and provide more convenience to the patient. The most popular of these are given below.

  • Power Cartridge: This provides power to the device for up to 5 hours. It can easily be charged with the charger that is available with Sequal Eclipse 3.
  • Desktop Charger: This charges the power cartridge or the battery through a Universal Power Plug Set. The total time taken to charge the battery is almost three hours.
  • Travel Kit and Case: These are composed of inner partitions to easily store all accessories and offer a firm grip for the user.
  • Humidifier Adapter Kit: This can be used to attach a humidifier bottle to Sequel Eclipse 3 if required.



Surgilube for Catheters and More

A surgical lubricant is a substance that is provided by health care specialists for lubrication purposes. A majority of health care providers suggest these lubricants as a remedy to minimize a patient’s uneasiness and discomfort during some medical examinations or surgical procedures. For instance, surgical lubricants are a vital part of rectal and vagina examinations.

A medical lubricant facilitates internal examination so an individual doesn’t experience pain and internal tearing when hands or instruments are inserted in their body. Surgilube is used as a lubricating agent that offers immediate and constant lubrication. Due to its usage, insertion of surgical instruments, surgical gloves, endoscopes, and catheters into body cavities becomes pretty easy and painless.

Surgilube for Catheters and MoreSurgilube is a quite useful medical product that is extensively found in emergency rooms, labor or delivery rooms, and clinics. Having a combination of water-soluble gums, this lubricant is completely transparent. Often referred to as a lubricating jelly, Surgilube is commonly used by professionals of urology, gastroenterology, and proctology.

Made of natural ingredients, this medical lubricant doesn’t stain the patient’s garments or skin. Various careful tests are involved in this product’s development that ensures that it does not harm a patient in any manner. This product lessens chances of infection and pain during catheter insertion. It is available with a screw top as well as a flip top that ensure easy usage.

A surgical lubricant does not typically cause irritation, inflammation, rashes, or other medical issues. However, it is a good approach to avoid using a lubricant around injuries or genitals. While inserting catheters, gloves, or other surgical instruments in body orifices, health care professionals make sure to use a safe lubricant to lessen the patient’s pain.

Surgilube is a common and valuable lubricant that is used extensively by heath care experts to complete examination tasks and medical procedures without much effort and pain.

Cunningham Clamps for Incontinence Control

Urinary incontinence is a pretty common and embarrassing health issue that may affect your daily activities. Its severity can range from involuntarily leaking urine whenever you sneeze or cough to frequently having a sudden urge to urinate. While some individuals experience little and occasional leaks, others completely lose control over their bladder.

Cunningham Clamps for Incontinence ControlDifferent incontinence supplies can help you handle this health problem. In addition to lifestyle changes and medication, a penile clamp can be an efficient product to manage male incontinence. While several types of incontinence clamps are available in the market, the Cunningham clamp is probably the best working device for people of all ages.

The Bard Cunningham clamp exerts little pressure on an individual’s urethral canal to prevent urine leakage or incontinence. It has a frame made of stainless steel that supports a locking mechanism and two rubber pads. Made of spongy material, the Cunningham clamp can be comfortably adjusted according to the user’s requirements.

Besides being non-sterile and reusable, Cunningham clamps help a person control incontinence by providing an appropriate quantity of pressure. Its clamping mechanism is based on five different settings to efficiently handle male incontinence.

In order to obtain the best results, it is vital to follow Cunningham clamp instructions.

  • Wash your incontinence clamp with lukewarm water and a gentle soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently press foam pads to discharge water.
  • Let your Cunningham clamp dry in open environment. But, keep it away from direct sunlight or excess heat.
  • Never use hot water, bleach detergent, blow-dryer, or washer/dryer.

Never hesitate to consult your physician to control the distressing problem of urinary incontinence. Made of natural rubber, Bard Cunningham clamps are handy products that can ease your embarrassment and control urinary incontinence so that you can continue enjoying your life to the fullest.