MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

People who are unable to take food by mouth or have weak digestive systems look for another healthy way to eat. For such people, doctors usually recommend using a feeding tube to maintain appropriate levels of nutritional health and activity. This type of feeding is typically called tube or enteral feeding.

Different types of feeding tubes are used for different purposes. For instance, nasogastric or NG feeding tubes are one type of feeding tube usually used for people who require temporary enteral nutrition. On the other hand, a gastrostomy feeding tube is utilized for long-term enteral feeding.

MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Feeding TubeThere are several gastrostomy feeding tubes available, but MIC-KEY probably has the best features. Being one of its kind, the MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube includes a medication port along with a feeding port. Both these ports are entered in an individual’s stomach which enables him/her to get water, nutrients, and medication according to the body requirements.

The MIC-KEY Bolus and Low-Profile gastrostomy feeding tubes are designed for feeding purposes. While standard feeding tubes are usually heavy and cannot be covered by clothing, MIC-KEY gastrostomy feeding tubes allows a person to enjoy free physical activity and movement.


Following are the main features that your MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube may provide you:

  • Ports: With medication and feeding ports, MIC-KEY feeding tube can efficiently deliver all liquids, medication, and nutrients into your stomach. Simply cap off these ports with provided cover when you don’t have to get a feeding.
  • External Base: This maintains the position of G-tube in your stomach and also allows air to refresh the skin.
  • Valve: MIC-KEY gastrostomy feeding tube is provided with a special valve so that stomach contents do not leak out of the feeding tube.
  • Retention Balloon: The silicone internal retention balloon is pumped up with water so that the G-tube can maintain its position inside the stomach. This balloon needs to be checked every week.

MIC-KEY G-tube placement in your stomach allows you to lead an active and mobile lifestyle. Equally satisfying the needs of adults and children, MIC-KEY gastrostomy tube ensures their nutritional well-being without affecting their physical activities.

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