Bard Drainage Bag

Patients who are not able to urinate or have health issues like urinary incontinence may need to use a urine drainage bag. This bag is attached to urinary tubing, which then connects to a catheter. Some bags come with urinary tubing already attached. The catheter is placed inside an individual’s bladder from where urine is collected into the plastic drainage bag. An efficient urinary drainage bag can make a significant difference to your health and help you lead a comfortable life.

Bard Drainage Bag

Bardia Drainage Bag

Bard closely understands the demands of health care experts, medical professionals and patients, and provides efficient products to help them meet clinical challenges. Bard urinary supplies represent reliable services, high quality, and great integrity. Bard drainage bags ensure better drainage since they have a round, teardrop shape. These drainage bags are available in a variety of sizes offering different capacities that allow individuals to choose a urine bag according to their own needs.

A bedside drainage bag incorporates convenient drain valves that don’t need much dexterity. Bard urine bag is latex-free and has a special antimicrobial agent that can perfectly resist infectious agents or pathogens. While using Bard bedside drainage bag, make sure to not let its tube hang below the urine bag. Furthermore, don’t leave your urine drainage bag on the floor. Instead, tie it to your bed. Don’t allow your urinary bag to become full as it will exert extra pressure on the catheter.

It is important to empty and clean Bard urine bags frequently so that they don’t cause any infection or irritation. Most healthcare experts suggest changing the drainage bag frequently so as to prevent a patient from urinary infections. Whenever you empty your drainage bag, you should observe urine color, odor, and consistency. This enables you to take timely and corrective measures in case of infections. A urine bag should be thoroughly cleaned to reduce odor and avoid further urinary problems.



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