Plastic Urinals for Males

A urinal is a plastic bottle that is particularly designed for urination purposes. Patients who experience serious health issues and are not able to get out of their beds usually need a plastic urinal. Because of a male urinal, patients who cannot move their arms freely  can urinate independently without needing any help.

Male Urinal

One of the greatest advantages of using a plastic urinal is that it is portable and stain resistant. It offers great convenience to a patient as it can easily be cleaned and washed. Such urinals are exclusively designed to facilitate male patients. They are usually available in a variety of sizes and capacities that enable you to choose a plastic urinal according to your own needs.

A disposable urinal bedpan is commonly made of latex-free and transparent polyethylene. It includes a wide base, small neck and vertical stance. Due to its small neck, both the patient and caregiver can easily handle the bottle. On the other hand, these plastic urinals have smooth and round edges that offer great comfort to the patient. Their transparent lids make them resistant to leaks. Their lids not only reduce odors, but also prevent spilling.

A male plastic urinal is commonly used by male patients since their anatomy supports its usage. Though female urinals are available in the market, they are a little difficult to handle. Male plastic urinals typically have convenient handles that you can easily grip. These urinals can ideally be used in health care facilities and hospitals since they can be effortlessly hung on bed rails of any size or style.

A male plastic urinal is lightweight and easy on the pocket. It is marked with clearly visible graduations that ensure accurate volume measurement. These transparent urinals allow efficient visualization of urine color and content. Disposable male urinals are practical products that can help you enjoy a  healthier lifestyle.




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